Andorra Childrens Quiz

Which is the Flag of Andorra?

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You can do this đŸ™‚

What is the Capital of Andorra?

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2 questions down already, lets keep going

What Continent is Andorra part of?

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Have you visited any different continents?

What is the official Language of Andorra?

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Can you speak another language?

What is the most popular winter pastime in Andorra?

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That looks fun

What City is the Museo de la Miniature in?

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What is the main influence in Andorran Cuisine?

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What is your favourite food?

What are the main ingrediants for Trinxat?

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Where is the Caldea Spa Centre located?

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Andorra la Vella is the highest capital in Europe, but how high is it?

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You have answered all 10 questions, well done. How many have you got correct?

Andorra Childrens Quiz
I think a little more research is needed
You can do much better, i believe in you
Well done, you are really close
So unlucky, you nearly got them all correct
Fantastic, well done. You really are a Mini Andorra Tour Expert đŸ™‚ Dont forget to try the quizes on each country. Once you complete them all, you can try out for the "World Tour Expert" certifcate. Good luck

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