Racing Tracks across Europe

Racing is enjoyed by thousands across the world and now certain tracks give everyday people the chance to drive on these famous circuits. Discover all about track days and how you can take advantage of the available options out there. You can also find information on race tracks and circuits, such as the world famous Monaco grand prix. Find out about the history of the tracks and what has made them into the global phenomena that they are today. Discover where the race tracks are and how you can drive there, where to stay and information on the surrounding area. Many racing tracks are built near small towns which make the most of advertising opportunities which means you are able to buy all kinds of racing related goodies. Join in the adventure and visit some of the finest racing circuits around.

Paul Ricard Racing Circuit France

A race circuit opened to the spectators. Since 2009 the circuit Paul Ricard is again linked to competition and racing. Homologated by FIA, FFSA & FFM, the track hosts official car and motorbike races. According to the latest generation security standards and equipped with topof-the-range facilities, the circuit Paul Ricard chose to professionalize its rescue teams. To supervise races, the automotive sporting association (ASAC) of the Var Region guarantees the respect of sports rules. 10 to 20 events open to spectators are planned on the track each year. The Paul Ricard circuit is back to its original vocation as a major place for motorsports.

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Nürburgring Germany

The legendary Nürburgring race track is one of the ten most popular national monuments in Germany, according to a Forsa survey. The tarmac is bound to get hot there during the season thanks to more than 200 motorsport events with all kinds of vehicle types on various performance levels, so that every fan gets his money’s worth. And the Nürburgring has even more to offer: A modern leisure and business centre, revolving around the two most fascinating race tracks in the world, the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix track, provides a wide range of event and entertainment options for business customers, motorsport fans and families alike.

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Monaco Grand Prix, France

The Monaco Grand Prix (French: Grand Prix de Monaco) is a Formula One race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco. Run since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world, alongside the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans (informally known as the Triple Crown of Motorsport).

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Masaryk circuit, Brno, Czech Republic

Brno.Masaryk circuit.

The Masaryk circuit – Masarykuv okruh, or Masarykring, now referred to as the Brno Circuit, refers two Czech racing circuits located close to the city of Brno. The original circuit was made up of public roads, and at its longest measured nearly 19 miles (31 km). In the 1930s, events such as the Masaryk Grand Prix attracted top teams and drivers. Racing on the roads ended after 1986, when the current permanent circuit was opened within the bounds of the original roads. The annual Moto GP Grand Prix of the Czech Republic is the circuit’s most important event. The World Touring Car Championship, Formula Two, FIA GT1 and Superbike World Championship also race at the circuit. The track is named after the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Masaryk.

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Isle of Man TT Race

For two weeks only each year, the Isle of Man is home to the worlds greatest event, The TT race, TT standing for Tourist Trophy. Each year, riders from across the globe merge on this small island in the British isles to participate in the 200mph, 37 mile, edge of your seat, bumps, jumps, bends, obstacles, manhole, street race in order to try and get The Marquis de Mouzilly St. Mars Trophy which is presented to the winner of the Isle of Man Senior TT Motor-Cycle Race and to get their name inscribed on the trophy.

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Track Days in the UK

A track day is an organised event in which members of the public are allowed to drive or ride around established motor racing circuits, or alternatively (though far less common) on closed or disused airfields. Most race tracks around the world now provide this facility, whereby any road legal or track prepared vehicle, (car or motorcycle) can be used without speed restriction (as if racing, though the practice of actual racing is almost exclusively forbidden at these events) by members of the public. Criteria for being eligible to participate is usually the holding of a driving licence for the vehicle in question, and the payment of a fee.

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