— The Best Beaches of Los Angeles —

1. El Matador State Beach

El Matador Beach, Los Angeles California USAVisitors will be hard-pressed to find a more romantic beach in Los Angeles than El Matador. Located about 10 miles northwest of Malibu, this secluded pocket beach has rocky shores, robust waves and some of the clearest water in LA. But don’t be deterred by the lack of facilities or the rugged path to the shore; once there, you’ll find that it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sunset dinner in one of the hidden coves.

2. Malibu`s Surfrider Beach

Malibu`s Surfrider Beach, Los Angeles, California USASurfrider Beach is one of the most popular beaches in LA’s surf subculture, which makes it one of the most surfed beaches in LA County. It doesn’t take an experienced surfer to appreciate the sport, the cool vibe at the beach or the toned bodies of the locals. In fact, sometimes it’s better to just be a spectator and take it all in. The adjacent lagoon and bird sanctuary is an interesting area for exploration, and the quarter-mile walking trail offers gentle activity for non-surfers. When it’s time to brave the waves, just follow the locals

3. Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach Los Angeles California USALocated just north of the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica State Beach is one of LA’s most popular beaches. At two miles long, it seems to go on forever and offers plenty of space to set up for a game of volleyball or go for a bike ride. Because of its popularity, it can get a little crowded; for people watching, it can’t be beat. To get some exercise along with that tan, visitors can strap on some inline skates or hop on a cruiser bike for a tour of the coast. Or, stroll along the historic Santa Monica Pier and check out the Pacific Park amusement park or the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome, a national historic landmark.

4. Venice Beach

Venice Beach, Los Angeles California USAIf there’s a beach in LA where it’s as much about the spectacle as it is about the surf or the sand, Venice would be it. In fact, the eclectic Venice Boardwalk almost upstages the scene on the sand. Visitors strolling on the boardwalk should keep an eye out for the rubber-snake wrangler; the metal-ball-rolling, Speedo-wearing bodybuilder; the chainsaw juggler; and a full roster of palm readers, folk artists and other colourful characters. After taking in the boardwalk scene, the sandy shoreline offers some time for relaxation while the waves roll in and the sun melts away the worries of the world. Nearby Abbot Kinney Boulevard offers unique shopping and dining experiences.

5. Manhattan Beach

manhattan beach, Los Angeles California USAIn Manhattan Beach, it’s all beautiful people, shiny cars, big sunglasses and little lap dogs. But that’s in the town next to the shore, where scenes from many television shows have been filmed. On the sand, there is beach volleyball at courts that seem to go on for miles and bodysurfing near the pier. Check out the aquarium at the end of the pier with its interesting sea creatures and touch pool. When it comes to getting in the water, surfing is limited to the south side of the pier and boogie boarding is confined to the water north of the pier. Swimming is prohibited in the areas immediately adjacent to the pier.

6. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles California USAThere’s a certain hipster vibe at Hermosa Beach and its surrounding seaside community that isn’t found at other LA beaches. There’s just as likely to be people shopping and relaxing in outdoor cafés as there are the tanned and toned beach gods and goddesses that frequent the sandy shoreline. Pier Plaza is the place to relax for visitors who would rather skip the sunscreen and beach towels. Lined with surf shops, coffee shops, restaurants and clothing stores, it’s the perfect place to pick up some stylish new sunglasses or flip-fl ops before heading out to the pristine expanse of sand. There’s also a sizable pier that offers incredible views of the coast.

7. Redondo Beach

Redondo-Beach Los Angeles California USAThere’s plenty to do besides getting a tan or hitting the surf in Redondo Beach, the original home of the Port of Los Angeles. There’s a performing arts centre, fifteen parks, a large recreational and commercial harbour including King Harbour, a 1,500-slip private craft port, and the landmark Redondo Beach Pier and Seaside Lagoon. Fans will recognize King Harbour from its many movie, TV and music video appearances.

8. Cabrillo Beach

Cabrillo beach Los Angeles California USAPopular among travellers and locals hitting the beach with kids in tow, Cabrillo Beach is a tranquil setting near San Pedro with everything you need for the perfect family outing. Located on a thin peninsula near Point Fermin Park, the beach actually has two sides — one outside the breakwater that’s open to the surf and one that’s open to the harbour. During grunion season, kids will love spending time under the full moon watching the silver fish emerge from the water and lay their eggs in the sand. This beach also has restrooms, showers and picnic areas for your convenience. After you’re finished with the beach, head to the nearby Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and enjoy the interactive exhibits, tide pool touch tanks and other unforgettable attractions.

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