Valdresflye - National Tourism Routes of Norway

Valdresflye runs from Garli to Hindsæter, with a detour to Gjende, a total distance of 49 km

Valdresflye, National Tourism Routes of NorwayDriving in the open sweep of the landscape can be compared with the feeling of flying. The road swoops and stretches out ahead in long sweeps of undulating terrain. It’s easy to let your thoughts soar to the heights of the mountains on the horizon. The natural surroundings are both alluring and within reach, and the road hugs the landscape as a secure mooring. The landscape can appear drowsy and friendly but the road is closed in the winter for good reasons. When winter tightens its icy clutch and remorseless winds sweep over the plateau, the huge snow masses make the task of keeping the road open too demanding.

When everything is bathed in light in the summer there are no dark shadows. Regardless of where you stop you don’t need to go far before feeling you’re on an expedition. The open landscape needs little human intervention, and the rest areas and art works blend into the background and draw your attention to individual features. Valdresflye forms a composite picture rather than presenting hidden secrets. Serenity is the dominating quality in the experience of this vast landscape


Rjupa. From the Rjupa rest area you have a panoramic view of the old mountain hamlets along Vinstervatn lake and the mountain landscape of Valdres valley. Architect: Knut Hjelt

Steinplassen – Rock on top of another rock. It is a mountain custom to erect cairns, placing one rock on top of another, to mark out paths or the conquest of peaks. The two stone blocks at Valdresflye are an art work and a pointer to such cairns. However, this work questions itself: is it made by man or is it one of nature’s whims? Artists: Fischli & Weiss

Valdresflye - National Tourism Routes of NorwayVargebakkane  . Vargebakkane  lies  on  the steep  ascent  towards  the  Valdresflye  plateau  and the  mountain  pass  between  the  Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres valleys. The small car park at Vargebakkane is an excellent starting point for many pleasant hikes through this area. Architect: Knut Hjeltnes.

Gjende Lake. Gjendeosen is a busy meeting point at the gateway to Jotunheimen national park. With its clear green water and surrounding peaks, Gjende is known as the most scenic lake in the entire Jotunheimen massif. At its western end lies Gjendebu lodge, on the northern shore Memurubu  lodge and at the eastern end Gjendesheim lodge. During the summer season these three are linked by a boat service

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