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When you decide on a motorhome vacation, you are not just taking the keys to a normal vehicle, you are taking the choice to a holiday of freedom and a world of opportunities. Oppertunities that are not possible on any other kind of holiday and oppertunities that for some come only once in a life time.

Where ever in the world you may be, the options are limitless and the barriers removed. If its the USA you are in, what other holidays could offer visits to the Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore, the Rockies, the Californian deserts, the wide-open spaces of Texas, the rolling hills of Pennsylvania or
the beaches of Florida all in one holiday. Or Australia, the entire Australian coast road, Ayers Rock, Sydney opera house all become sights that can be enjoyed whilst sitting in the comfort of your own chair. Europeans are lucky enough to have majestic castles, snowy mountain tops, ocean roads, Black Forest Alpine Roads, historical buildings, Amphitheatres to name just a few sights. Your motorhome gives you the freedom to choose where you want to go, and when.

Not only will you love the wide open travelling, you will find campsites are a place to meet other like minded free souled travellers who are always on hand with a glass of wine, helpful advice and interesting tales to share from their own adventures. Campsites offer a special camaraderie that you just cant get any where else. So dont be trapped by your imagination. Take your home away with you and see what the world has waiting for you to discover