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Top 10 Christmas Markets in Austria

German Christmas Markets or Austrian Christkindlmark or Weihnachtsmarkt,have now become popular and are a welcome and familiar sight in many of the cities, towns and villages throughout Europe during the season of Advent.


Radiating far across the peaceful waters of Lake Wolfgangsee on the dark winter nights, the inviting, peaceful glow of lanterns draw guests from near and far to look in wonder at and enjoy the Lake Wolfgang Advent (Christmas) Market. There is a joyful anticipation of Christmas in the air and visitors are able to experience fascinating customs still in practice today. The Lake Wolfgangsee Advent (Christmas) Market is celebrated in St. Gilgen, Strobl and St. Wolfgang annually and this year is no exception, and all only one hours drive from Salzburg

Christmas Market Wolfgangsee


The Christmas market in Dornbirn enchants its visitors with its traditional charm, it is set in the heart of this “Garden-Town” in front of the distinctive facade of the church of St Martin. Next to the church is one of Dornbirn’s oldest buildings the “Rotes Haus”

Christmas Market in Dornbirn


Having to decide which of the two Christmas Markets here in Kufstein is a hard decision to make as both the Fortress and the city market welcome visitors with a Christmassy glow during Advent time. Christmas Magic at the Fortress. Inside the old walls of the Kufstein fortress unfolds a very special Christmas atmosphere.

Kufstein Weihnachtsmarkt


Advent is a time at which hidden treasures are discovered in Mayerhofen. In the run-up to Christmas, the popular holiday resort in the Zillertal Valley fills with winter romance and age-old customs. Guests and locals immerse themselves in a marvellous world of time-honoured traditions at the Forest Festival Square.

Mayerhofen Weihnachtsmarkt


The Basilica in Mondsee serves as a wonderful backdrop to the Christmas Market in Mondsee. There is a great anticipation throughout Mondsee during Advent which is infectious and ripples through the visitors to the Weihnachtsmarkt. Visitors search out special gifts and enjoy the local delights.

Mondsee Weihnachtsmarkt


The traditional Petzen Christmas Market will take place again this year on the snowy mountain summit on three Saturdays before Christmas. Visitors can come and enjoy the Christmas celebrations at Austria’s highest Christmas Market with festive music from various music groups.

Petzen Weihnachtsmarkt


The Christmas Market in Weiz offers the traditional seasonal gifts and local handicrafts in the centre of the prettily decorated town. Keep warm with a steaming mug of Glühwein whilst wandering along the market and take in the aromas of gingerbread and grilled sausages, which waft out to tempt you.


The Christmas Market is set against the backdrop of the historic old town of Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, and is held every year from late November until Christmas Eve. Feldkirch lies in the Rhein Valley bordering Liechtenstein to the south and Switzerland to the west.

Feldkircher Weihnachtsmarkt


Advent in the Mountains – When the scent of Mulled wine and gingerbread is wafting on the crisp, evening air through the snow-covered towns, then it is Advent time once again in Kitzbühel. The Kitzbühel Christmas Market is ‘the place’ to enjoy the magical atmosphere of Advent time. There is so much to see and do – there are nativity plays and concerts, for the children there is the St.Nicolaus weekend, the St. Nicolaus procession with the ‘Krampus’!, then there are pony rides, small petting zoo, and the Children’s Advent calendar competition and much more.

Kitzbühel Weinachtsmarkt


Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and is celebrated all over the world as a time of sharing, giving and love. Christmas Customs and Traditions may vary around the world but the sentiments are the same.


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