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Ski Wear

The ski clothes essential to keeping you warm

If your thinking of going skiing, then the right ski wear is essential. Jeans and a jumper might feel warm, but once the snow and wet get on them, the cold will engulf you to the point you will have to stop skiing and go home. The best way for us to explain the right ski wear is in sections. The first being underwear, second is the main section of clothing, followed thirdly with the extras and finishing touches. It may seem a lot to begin with, however if you want to stay warm and enjoy your skiing, then all of these are to be considered as essential ski wear.

Under Layer

1. Thermal Top

Keep your body warm from the skin with thermal tops. They transfer moisture from your body and away keeping you dry and warm.

2. Thermal Pants

As with the thermal tops, thermal pants will give you the base level of protection from the elements, keeping yous skin and body warm and dry.

3. Ski Socks

Ski socks are important as your feet will hurt after a full day on the slopes, so keeping them comfy dry and warm is a must. They also help to protect you from the bumps a bangs taken through the skis

Second Layer

1. Wool – Fleece Jacket, or Jumper

This will go under your jacket and will keep you extremely warm. remember you will get hot while skiing so pick a top that will give you heat but will not melt you away

2. Ski Pants

These are essential to keep you dry, safe and warm. These will get wetter than any other part of your ski wear so make sure you get a good set

3. Ski Boots

Ski boots, connect to your ski bindings which connect to your skis or snowboard. Make sure when purchasing your boots you get a comfy pair as you will be in them all day. And when trying them on, remember to wear your ski socks as it will effect the size of boots you need.

Outer Layer and accessories

1. Ski Jacket

Your final outer layer waterproof jacket

2. Ski Gloves

Essential for protecting your hands from the snow, ice, cold and bumps.

3. Ski Hat, Helmet or Beanie

With most heat lost through our heads, this is essential to keeping warm. Keep your ears warm and for extra protection, a ski helmet will protect you from any bumps or falls you might have during your day skiing.

4. Ski Goggles

Protect your eyes from the suns rays and glare from the reflection of the snow.


1. Skis/Snowboard

Speak to an expert when picking your skis and snowboard as your size weight and height all effect the ones for you as well as the type of skiing/snowboarding you want to do

2. Ski Poles

To help with balance while skiing

3. Ski Bindings

Ski Bindings keep your ski boots attached to your skis or snowboard

When buying your clothes think carefully of how they feel. You need to be as comfortable as possible. If you get hot it is possible to take your fleece off under your jacket so think about that when buying your Ski coat as you don’t want one that will be too big on you. When I bought my outfit, I started off with a Brand that I liked, however by the time I had finished and bought all I needed I had bits from everywhere so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Comfortable and happy is what you are searching for to be happy on the slopes…ENJOY

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