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Ski Tour from Nesselwang to Feldkirch

We start our tour in the Town of Nesselwang on the foot of the Alps in Allgäu. The town is full of bars and restaurants with a large Aires for the motorhomers out there. Lifts of the Alpspitzbahn start directly in the town and carry skiers nearly to the top of the Alpspitz. A lovely setting, town and a great place to start. From there we move onto Oberstdorf located in the Allgäu region of the Bavarian Alps.Not only does Oberstdorf host every New Year the first part of famous Four Hills Tournament in ski jump it also houses Germany’s figure skating centre. There is so much to do in this one town that you may not want to move on, but move on we must, and next comes the town of Grasgehren. Grasgehren is a very popular ski resort due to its reliability of snow and its location. With the altitude of 1400 m to 1700 m and its mountain setting, not only make this one of the best ski resorts but also one of the prettiest.

If this Ski Tour is now exciting you, the next town of Balderschwang will keep your love of skiing and especially snowboarding alive. With over 19 miles of ski pistes, 30 miles of cross country, 11 ski lifts, half-pipes, this is a ski area for everyone. We leave and head across the border and into Austria to the town of Au. Au is a town in the Bregenz Forest, Vorarlberg. The beautiful and unspoilt Austrian ski resort of Au has direct access to 37km of downhill skiing, with 25 individual pistes, served by 7 ski lifts. What else can we say? Next on our Ski Tour is the famous ski town of Damüls.Damüls holds the world record of the municipality with the most annual snowfall making it the most reliable place to ski in the world. Damüls – Faschina offer 105 km of ski slopes, 16 km of groomed and sunny cross-country ski tracks and 25 km of cleared winter hiking trails. We finish our Ski Tour in the city of Feldkirch. Not so much for the skiing but so you can experience the drive to it from Damüls and also to allow you to catch up on some well deserved rest. The city is home to the ancient Shattenburg Castle and includes a well preserved old town. A perfect way to end a magnificent trip.

Towns along the Ski Tour Route


Nesselwang is a municipality in the district of Ostallgäu in Bavaria in Germany. During the winter the town is a ski resort with the lifts of the Alpspitzbahn starting directly in the town and carrying skiers nearly to the top of the Alpspitz. During summer the lift can also be used to reach the start points for a variety of walking tours as well as to reach the top of the summer sledge run. Mountain biking, swimming in the surrounding lakes and walking through the surrounding scenery are all popular summer pastimes. There is also an adventure swimmimg pool and a museum to visit.


Oberstdorf is a municipality and skiing and hiking town in southwest Germany, located in the Allgäu region of the Bavarian Alps. Germany’s modern figure skating center was built on the outside of the town. It has three covered rinks and some of them are accessible to the public, for recreational skating. It is a popular destination with European skaters for training camps. The summits of the Nebelhorn and Fellhorn provide dramatic panoramic views of the alps. The Nebelhorn can be reached with a big cable car.


Grasgehren. The German ski resort of Obermaiselstein-Grasgehren has direct access to 12km of downhill skiing, with 11 individual pistes, served by 4 ski lifts. The 4 Ski Lifts of Obermaiselstein-Grasgehren are able to uplift 6,000 skiers / snowboarders per hour. Obermaiselstein-Grasgehren is able to augment natural snow, on 11km of ski runs, with 3 Snow Cannons.


Balderschwang is a municipality in the district of Oberallgäu in Bavaria in Germany.Home to only 250 inhabitants Balderschwang is the smallest independent municipality in Bavaria, but it offers with its 1200 holiday hospitality beds in all categories – from a 4-star hotel up to inns, guesthouses, apartments and a farm. It is locally known as the “Bavarian Siberia”. Thanks to the well-maintained mountain road and the easy road access to the Bregenzerwald Balderschwang it is centrally located for Excursions in the surrounding areas.


Au is a town in the Bregenz Forest, Vorarlberg, Austria, part of the district of Bregenz. Au is located in the westernmost province of Austria, Vorarlberg, in the district of Bregenz. The town belongs to the Bregenz Forest, more exactly to the Hintere Bregenzerwald. The town itself is unlike others in the area, as it has no real centre. It consists of several districts.


Damüls is a municipality and popular tourism resort in the district of Bregenz in Vorarlberg, Austria. Damüls also holds the world record of the municipality with the most annual snowfall – the average is 9.30 meters per year. he two winter ski sports resorts of Damüls – Faschina are nestled between 1430 – 2100 meters above sea level. In 2006Damüls was bestowed the title “World’s Snowiest Town”.


Feldkirch is a historic city in Vorarlberg, Austria. It is conveniently located on the border to Liechtenstein and can easily be visited in an afternoon. It is nestled in a picturesque place where three valleys meet and includes a well preserved old town and the dominating edifice of the ancient Shattenburg Castle. While small in size, it is the most well preserved and scenic of Volarlberg’s cities. The beautiful medieval town, which remains well preserved to this day, was mentioned as a city for the first time in 1218, after Count Hugo von Montfort built the “Schattenburg”, a castle which still is the major landmark of Feldkirch. Other sights in the town include the cathedral of St. Nikolaus from the late Gothic period.

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