Brief History of Skiing

Skiing as we know it has been a recreational sport since the mid 1800`s, though ski or “skíð” the old Nordic word,has been around for almost five millenia. It is believed Skiing actually started in Daxing’anling, in what is now China as early as 6000BC although modern skiing has evolved from Scandinavia.The oldest information about skiing is based on archaeological evidence. A wooden ski dating from about 6300-5000 BC, and was found about 1,200 km northwest of Moscow at Lake Sindor. The Vefsn Nordland ski, found in Norway is dated to 5100 BC and the Kalvträskskidan ski, found in Sweden dates to 3200 BC. Rock drawings in Norway dated at 4000 BC depict a man on skis holding a stick. A ski excavated in Greenland is dated to 1010. Norse mythology describes the god Ullr and the goddess Skaði hunting on skis.
Around 1850 artisans in Telemark, Norway invent the cambered ski. This ski arches up in the middle, under the binding, which distributes the skier’s weight more evenly across the length of the ski. Earlier plank-style skis had to be thick enough not to bow downward and sink in the snow under the skier’s weight. This new design made it possible to build a thinner, lighter ski, that flexed more easily to absorb the shock of bumps, and that maneuvered and ran faster and more easily. Norheim’s ski was also the the first with a sidecut that narrowed the ski underfoot while the tip and tail remained wider. This enabled the ski to flex and turn more easily. Early skiers used one long pole or spear. The first depiction of a skier with two ski poles dates to 1741. In 1959 Ed Scott introduced the large-diameter, tapered shaft, lightweight aluminum ski pole.

Before you start on the slopes

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Mountain Passes

Mountain Passes are simply a route through a mountain range or over a ridge. The passes are not always the highest part of the mountain, or the Peak, the pass is the way for you to cross. Mountains have been hard to get through or over for centuries so over time routes have been made. These routes have led to the creation of some of the most amazing driving roads in the world with some of the most spectacular and breathtaking scenery. Here we have compiled a list of some Mountain Passes below for you to look through. They are not the highest in the world, however all have special features and are worthy of taking the time to make the trip to cross them. We hope you get to travel over these Passes and enjoy them as much as we do. Why not send in your pictures to share with others, or if you know of any other Mountain passes that we may have left out, let us know and we will add it to the site for others to experience.

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Fun around Skiing

With so many ski resorts worldwide, choosing the right resort can be very daunting and hard work, so why choose one, why not enjoy a skiing Tour?

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Après-ski comes from the French for “After Skiing” but is now used universally and refers to the socializing that is popular after a days skiing ends. When the sun goes down is when the ski resorts come alive and enjoying a steaming mug of hot Chocolate laced with rum or a glass of hot Gluhwein whilst watching the sunset over the snow covered mountain peaks is a memory which will last a life-time.

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