Easter Markets in Austria

Easter is a big celebration in Austria and after 40 days of fasting during Lent it is welcomed with open arms. The night before Easter Sunday bonfires are lit and accompanied with music and dancing. The morning of Easter Sunday sees families come together to celebrated with a large tasty breakfast before the children go to find the Easter eggs, both chocolate and real decorated eggs, the Easter bunny has hidden around the house and garden. It is also traditional that godparents present the children with an ‘Osterlamm’ which is a sweet pastry in the form of a lamb.

In  Austria there is the tradition of decorating trees with eggs, this is known as the ‘Ostereierbaum’ (Easter Egg Tree). A smaller version is to cut some branches and decorate them with blown, decorated eggs and place them in a vase on the table or on a window sill or outside the front door.

Each region of Austria has its own special traditions at Easter such as the songs in Salzburgerland about the passion and resurrection of Jesus, the decorated ram paraded through the streets in Steirmark, the Passion Play in Carinthia or the intricately hand-decorated eggs of Burgenland…….Frohe Ostern