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Christmas Markets in Germany

The magic that is Christmas is drawing near once more, and from November onwards the Christmas Markets are setting up to welcome visitors for the festive season. Traditionally one thinks of Germany when conjuring up Christmas Markets, but there are now Christmas Markets and Christmas Festivals held throughout Europe and, indeed far beyond, as people of all nations celebrate this wonderful romantic time of year.Christmas is a romantic, and reflective, time when the people you meet seem to be a little bit friendlier, the world seems to be a more hopeful place and even the coldest, snowiest of days feels crisp and cosy. It is a time of warming spicy aromas, candlelight, Christmas Carols and blazing log fires, and above all it is a time to spend with family and loved ones and where better to go than to one of these traditional Christmas Markets and leave the worries of the outside world behind, if only for a short while.There is so much commercialism taking over and the lead up to Christmas can be hectic, especially for those families with children to cater for, so it is a welcome break when you take time out and visit the Christmas markets and join in with the wonderful festive atmosphere. Here you can take in the aromas associated with Christmas such as hot, roast chestnuts, grilled sausages, hot doughnuts, Stollen, gingerbreads and Gluhwein or Mulled wines or ciders. You can sample the marzipan figures, chocolate covered fruits or one of the many festive delicacies on offer from around the world that are in the decorated, wooden Chalet-like stands that make up the Christmas Markets.There are all kinds of Christmas gifts and decorations, especially traditional things such as tree decorations, wood carvings, crib figures, traditional toys, candles, hand-knitted jumpers, lambskin slippers and glassware, you will be able to find that special little something that will be a unique gift for someone to treasure.Here you will find a list of some of the “Christmas Markets” and their dates and opening times.

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy and it is all too easy to get caught up in the pre-Christmas rush to “shop, clean, bake etc. etc. etc.!” slow down and take some time out, visit one of the Christmas markets and unwind as you embrace the atmosphere and get caught up in the spirit of Christmas, and the German Christmas Markets are the ideal choice to do exactly that. The whole season has a magical euphoria which is celebrated no where more than in Germany. The world famous “German Christmas Markets” help bring out the magic of the season and seem to catch you under their spell. Wandering around the small towns, villages or even the big cities you feel the joy of Christmas being celebrated by both young and old. The markets have taken Christmas back to where it started not with massed produced overly priced toys in every store but real wood, hand- crafted toys, artwork, traditional and timeless, which take you back to your own childhood. Lambskin shoes, knitted hats and mittens, candles, beautiful wood carvings and crib figurines are some of the many items you can buy, but don’t rush into buying them, tempting though they may be, sit down in one of the many cafe- bars, and enjoy a mulled wine- glühwein, while you ponder over your gifts and watch other “market-visitors” strolling past . Don’t be too distracted though, as the aroma of roasting chestnuts, grilled bratwurst, cheeses and salamis, tingle your tastebuds and and draw you in to taste them ALL!!… Children too will be in a magical wonder- land of food as they they get lost between the stalls, going backwards and forwards not deciding which treat to have, be it ginger bread men, Lebkuchen, Marzipan figures, a great variety of chocolates, fresh fruit dipped in chocolate the list really does go on and on….Most Christmas markets start in the last week of November and run through to Christmas Eve, or a day before. They open at 10am and close between 8-9pm. The only trouble now is deciding which market to go to…… Here are just a few

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Christmas is also a time when we tend to think more about food and drink as we like to treat our family and friends when they come to visit, but have you ever thought about what foods are traditional in other countries of the world? Why not take a look at the page below and see what other nationalities are cooking up this Christmas. Christmas is also a time for trying out traditional and new ways of cooking meals, cakes, snacks…….. the list goes on, here we have a selection of Christmas recipes from around the world for you to take a look at, and maybe try out … and if you have a special recipe that you would like to share with the world, then you can send it in to us for others to try out to World-wide Christmas Recipes. Who are the most important people at Christmas? yes, of course, its the CHILDREN and we have not left them out, there is a page packed full of Christmas activities to keep them busy ( and Mums everywhere heave a sigh of relief ! ) … take a look at this page and download the information Children’s Christmas page Read about the Christmas Customs and Traditions of the nations of the world and how they differ, or are maybe the same as, ours. … What is the feast of the “Epiphany” or that of “St Lucia“ which countries are these important too? See here the origins of the most beautiful of all the Christmas Carols “Silent Night“, where it came from, who wrote it and listen to the song itself ( look to see which very famous person is singing it!) Have a look at the main Christmas page and see who Father Christmas is, where did he come from, where is he now, and who is St Nicolaus? Send him a letter from the children, browse through some Christmas Market Tours or listen to a new Christmas song on the page there is so much to see and read, so why not do it !! For those of you who want to travel a little further than the local shops this year have a look at Father Christmas in Lapland or maybe (the ultimate treat for Mums – Dads take note ! ) Shopping in New York we have it all right here for you. As Christmas approaches we also think of snow and with that thought comes skiing, skating, sledging and all manner of “Fun in the Snow” things to do which will last for weeks after Christmas time has been and gone. Around Europe there are many places to visit where you can enjoy the winter activities, whether it is before, during or after Christmas. Below you will find a sample of activities and places to look at which you may find will interest or even surprise you. Please take time to have a look.

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