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Copenhagen – Christmas Markets in Denmark

Højbro Plads Christmas Market

Date15 Nov – 22 Dec 2019

Open : Monday to Wednesday: 11.00 am – 7.00 pm
Thursday 11.00 am – 20.00 pm
Friday: 11.00 am – 9.00 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am – 9.00 pm
Sunday: 11.00 am – 6.00 pm

Visit Copenhagen’s charming Christmas village in the heart of Copenhagen’s ancient medieval city.  Højbroplads is the heart of Copenhagen.

Hans Christian Andersen Christmas market

Open: Friday – Sunday

29.11.2019 – 01.12.2019 
06.12.2019 – 08.12.2019

The market at Nytorv square is named after everybody’s favourite and world-renowned Danish storyteller. The stalls are all named after Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, tastefully decorated with thousands of Christmas lights.

Here you can taste, smell, and shop everything your Christmas heart desires. You can find Christmas decorations, gifts, jewellery, mulled wine and hot chocolate. The market also has a genuine nostalgia carousel for the kids, a Christmas caravan and of course Santa himself.

Address: Hans Christian Andersen Christmas market, Nytorv, 1450 Copenhagen K

Christmas market in Nyhavn harbour

Open: 2019 dates TBA

During Christmas time, the picturesque old harbour Nyhavn is transformed into one of the cosiest Christmas markets in Copenhagen. At the Nyhavn Christmas market, you will find entertainment, delicious Christmas foods and brews, mulled wine and much more. All along the water in the old harbour, stalls are set up and decorated, offering traditional Danish Christmas specialities and Christmas presents.

Address: Christmas market in Nyhavn, Nyhavn, 1051 Copenhagen K

Christmas market in Tivoli Gardens

Date: 16. Nov 2019 – 5. Jan 2020

open – Mon – Thurs & Sun -11.00 – 22.00 Fri & Sat – 11.00 – 23.00

The historic gardens will be full of decorated wooden houses, snow-covered trees, Santa’s reindeer, Christmas lights, and the true Nordic Christmas atmosphere.

Tivoli Gardens is Europe’s oldest amusement park and at Christmas time is transformed into a winter wonderland straight out of a fairy tale, with hundreds of Christmas trees and over half a million twinkling lights. Stands sell Danish Christmas cookies – klejners , specialities and handicrafts. The lake is transformed into a huge skating rink (skates can be hired), and all the rides are in operation. Also on the lake there are several spectacular light displays during the day and the aroma of Danish Christmas foods and warming Glogg waft across the air. Don’t miss Nissekobing, or Pixieville, an indoor Christmas town with busy little Pixies getting ready for the big night!

During Christmas in Tivoli you can try six new rides which are not in the Gardens during the summer season. The Chinese Lantern, the Russian Trojka, the Siberian Railway, the Christmas Express and the Music Carousel. Climb on board the Siberian Railway which takes you through the fascinating Russian village, feel the wind in your hair on the way down from the top the Chinese Lantern, or get into the Christmas spirit with a cosy tour on the Christmas Express.

Father Christmas

Everyone is welcome to say hello to Father Christmas and have a Christmas photo taken with him in his cosy grotto at the Pantomime teatret (Pantomime Theatre). Everyone who visits Father Christmas will also receive a little surprise!


It will be a fantastic experience when the Christmas tree lights in Tivoli’s Russian area are switched on. There will be music, speeches and Father Christmas himself and Father Frost will switch on the lights on Tivoli’s huge Christmas tree.

Tivoli’s Christmas illuminations

Your senses will be bombarded by light, water, smoke, fire and laser lights, accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s immortal music from the Nutcracker Ballet.

The shows last about 11 minutes. Please note that the illumination show may be cancelled on some days due to icy weather. The best place to watch the illuminations is from the bridge over the Tivoli Lake or from the path in front of the stairs from the Orient next to Vertigo.

Address: Tivoli Gardens, Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen V

Carlsberg Christmas Market

Open: first three weekends of  December 2019

During the first two weekends of December the old brewery act as a rustic backdrop to a Christmas market where you can cozy up with warm mulled beer and satisfy your Christmas munchies at some of the prime vendors there. Bonus tip: Free shuttle buses depart from Radisson Blu Royal Hotel on the hour between 11am and 3pm.

Address: Visit Carlsberg, Gamle Carlsbergvej 11, 1699 Copenhagen V

Christmas market at Kongens Nytorv

Open: 15 Nov – 22 Dec 2019

Visit a marvelous Christmas market in the very heart of Copenhagen. In the historic setting of Kongens Nytorv, located between Nyhavn and Strøget, you can enjoy the fantastic view of all the traditional Christmas decorations on the Hotel D’Angleterre and the Magasin department store, while shopping for Christmas gifts and decorations in the numerous charming stalls.

Address: Kongens Nytorv Christmas Market. 1050 Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen K

Christmas in Copenhagen

Lights, Christmas trees, shopping, eating and if you are lucky, lots of snow. Christmas in Copenhagen is wonderful. Here are some basic facts about this special time of the year in the Danish capital.

Every day from the 1st to the 24th of December, Danish children open the windows of their advent calendars to find a small gift; a piece of chocolate or perhaps an inexpensive toy. Whatever it may be, it certainly makes the Christmas countdown a little more bearable!

Christmas in Denmark is celebrated on the 24th of December with a Christmas dinner for the whole family. Gifts are kept under the Christmas tree, around which the family walk hand in hand singing the traditional Christmas songs. It is called ‘dancing’ around the tree. Presents are traditionally unwrapped after dinner.

The traditional Danish Christmas tree is lit with real candles. Woven between the homemade paper hearts, hanging baskets filled with chocolates and ornate paper stars, strings of tiny Danish flags complete the decoration along with a star in the treetop.

Christmas lunch on the 25th is usually enjoyed at home with friends and family with an enormous cold table that usually includes any tidbits left over from dinner the night before. The following day, Boxing Day, the family can be seen trooping off for a similar gastronomic orgy offered by friends or relatives repaying the hospitality of the previous day. For obvious reasons on these two days shops and offices are closed, although cinemas, museums and places of entertainment are open on December 26th.

‘Nisser’ and ‘risengrød’

Once a year, Denmark is overrun by a host of little folk known as ‘nisser’. You will see them everywhere; in shop windows, on the windowsills and walls of every home, and precariously hanging by their fingertips from picture frames.

Nisser are Scandinavian relatives of the pixie and imp. Although having a similar taste in clothing to Santa Claus or Father Christmas, Nisser tend to favour the more practical look, preferring grey trousers (or skirt for Mrs. Nisse), wooden shoes and a long pointed red cap.

But watch out! Nisser have a tendency to misbehave if they don’t get their way, and for generations Danish children have been pacifying them with little bowls of risengrød hidden in the attic. In fact the only real proof of the Nissers’ existence is that somehow the porridge is gone the next morning!

Colours of Christmas

Out in the crisp fresh air, Copenhagen’s nights sparkle with tasteful decorations. You will not see any gaudy coloured lights or plastic Christmas trees here. Twinkling white lights illuminate the outdoor Christmas trees, and suspended across the streets, giant garlands of real spruce surround huge red hearts.

In the town itself, various shops have their own traditional ways to celebrate Christmas. Royal Copenhagen’s showroom at Amagertorv, filled with beautiful porcelain, silver and crystal, is the place to acquire a Christmas plate. It can be a Bing & Grøndahl or a Royal Copenhagen plate. Another tradition started in 1910 is the specially designed (but not inexpensive) holiday dessert spoon and fork. In the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain House, well-known Danes using Royal Copenhagen finery, each year with a different theme, create elaborate Christmas tables.

Denmark was the first country to start decorating Christmas mail with special Christmas stamps. The first ones were introduced in 1904 and profits from the sales have ever since gone towards the four “Christmas Stamp Homes” for underprivileged children. Today, the Christmas Stamp Homes function as a place for children to spend a couple of months recuperating from various trouble and get new inspiration.

Christmas beers and gløgg

Danish breweries add to the spirit of Christmas in their own inimitable ways. Every first Friday of November you may see, at one minute to midnight, horse-drawn Tuborg or Carlsberg wagons decked out with garlands and Danish flags delivering the year’s specially brewed Julebryg, or Christmas beer. Almost every Danish brewery now launches a Christmas beer.

Christmas is also the time for gløgg, a potent variant of mulled wine, served steaming hot and heavily spiced with raisins, almonds, cinnamon sticks and cloves steeped in pure aquavit or snaps. It’s just the thing for cheering up a dark and cold day. For Copenhagen’s best gløgg, make your way to Hviids Vinstue. They make theirs from red wine, port, cognac and rum.

Crazy Christmas lunches

Christmas lunch at work means party! Often held in the office, Christmas lunches are notoriously controversial because wives and husbands are rarely invited. Starting in the afternoon and often continuing until dawn the next morning, at the very least lunch can be expected to last seven hours. A traditional Christmas Lunch table could consist of herring in a variety of guises, cold marinated salmon, country style liver pate with crispy bacon, comfit of duck, roast pork, a selection of cheeses and a special Christmas rice pudding, all lubricated with beer and snaps. Because of these Christmas lunches, Fridays in December are heavy party-nights in the city, with all the bars packed.

Those sticking to the old traditions, Christmas lunch begin with risengrød (rice porridge), but increasingly the order is becoming reversed with the rice coming at the end of the meal as a dessert in the form of a Danish speciality dish known as ris à l’amande which is boiled rice swathed in whipped cream and vanilla, mixed with chopped almonds and served cold with a hot cherry sauce.

Whether the rice comes first or last, a very old tradition calls for mum to slip in just one unchopped whole almond. Somehow the laws of chance seem always to dictate that this almond will end up on the plate of the youngest child.

Christmas dinner is a serious meal for the Dane. The choice for the main course can be roast pork with crisp crackling, roast duck or roast goose. Now, you can have pork and duck at anytime of the year; what sets the Christmas dinner apart are the special seasonal trimmings – sweet and sour red cabbage is indispensable for Christmas, as are potatoes, either white or with a caramelised sugar glazing drenched in a rich brown gravy.

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