Top 5 Motorhome Accessories

5 Must Buy Accessories for your Motorhome

Top 5 Motorhome Accessories

So you have finally bought your Motorhome and are now wondering what accessories you need to buy to accompany your vehicle. With your new found freedom bursting to go out and explore we would recommend just adding a few items to your van so you can make the most out of your trips away.

Motorhome Accessories


Motorhome awningAn awning is an important accessory to your Motorhome. New Motorhomes may come with an awning built in. An awning gives you extra space and privacy outside your Motorhome as well as giving you valuable shade from the sun during those hot afternoons. It also acts as a protection from the rain allowing you to sit out and store things safely and dry.

2. Fold up Furniture

Chairs for your MotorhomeFold away chairs are always a good idea to purchase for your Motorhome. By being able to fold up they will save valuable space in your Motorhome and allow you to pack them away safely and securely in one of your cupboards or storage box. You can also buy fold away tables which you can eat from in your awning outside, always good for keeping mess out of your Motorhome.

3. Solar Panels

Solar Panel for a MotorhomeIf you intend to do a lot of travelling in your Motorhome then you may not want to stay every night on campsites or Motorhome stops that charge you for the night and for electricity. If you have Solar panels fitted the sun will help charge your batteries for free allowing you to save money and in return allowing you stay away and travel for longer.

4. Bike Rack

Motorhome Bike rackBike Racks are added to the rear of the Motorhome and are very lightweight but can allow you to carry a number of bikes. Taking your bike away with you can be quite important in your Motorhome as getting out and about and visiting the small local towns can be difficult once you are parked up. Some towns in Europe don’t allow Motorhomes in due to their size

5. Satellite

Satellite Dishes for your MotorhomeSatellite dishes on Motorhomes can split opinion. Do you really want to go away and watch TV, surely travelling is about getting out and seeing new sights, however many people like to add a Satellite as it makes their Motorhome more homely and allows them to keep up with their programs during the cold evenings away. The choice is yours!

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