The Best Places to go in my Motorhome

Find some of the most beautiful and inspiring places to visit in your motorhome. Browse through our list and see how many of the places you have visited or if you agree with the cities that we have included. Share the best places you have visited in your motorhome

Seville, Spain

Andalucía’s capital city of Seville is steeped in history with the many civilisations that have left their mark here, from the Tartessians to the Romans and the long presence of the Moors whose influence can be seen in the beautiful architecture. After the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, the port became one of the most important in Spain and Seville entered its ‘Golden Age’, during this period many stately houses, churches and convents were built. In the Old City is the Cathedral of St. Mary, built 1401–1519, and is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus, climb up the steps of the Giralda bell tower of the Cathedral for a magnificent view over the city. Also take a visit to the nearby Moorish royal Mudéjar palace, built in the 14th century, known as the Alcazar with its beautiful gardens, wonderful architecture, courtyards and ponds, and the Santa Cruz quarter with splendid, colourful flower-laden balconies, intricate streets and decorated facades.

Other attractions to look out for are Casa de Pilatos. A sixteenth century palace and generally thought to be one of the best in the city, the 13th century Torre de Oro rumoured to have been covered in gold, The Jewish Quarter (Barrio Santa Cruz) is located around the Cathedral and the many museums within Seville. Seville hosts many festivals throughout the year and the Feria de Abril is a week-long celebration of food, drink and dance where the men parade on horseback and women dance in richly coloured dresses. The city has more than 1,000 Tapas bars which provide vast choices to please even the fussiest of eaters and are even more delicious when washed down with a cold beer or glass of “manzanilla” sherry.

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