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Chapter Ten

Day 27

Bannwaldsee / Munich

A glorious morning and the view is breathtaking over the frozen lake and the snowy mountains as the morning sun hits the tops and shines down over the ice. Across the road the horses watch us as we emerge to take in the beauty of the morning. (This could well be the nicest view we have woke up to since our travels began). Walking down to the lake to take some photos, we pass some of the well kept little plots upon where caravans are kept. Each with their own little garden, all perfectly kept. Such a lovely place. The German mountain road yesterday gave way to the Romantic Road and now I can see why they call it this!

We leave and make our way to Munich through the lovely countryside and pretty villages until we arrive at the city of Munich…and just our luck, Rush Hour! We manage to find our way to the very centre and even more amazingly find a parking space for the motorhome on Maximillian Strasse, a main road of Munich. Time for sightseeing. We walk along taking photos of the expensive shops whose names would fit well anywhere, Yves Saint Lauren, Prada, Rolex, Dior, Hugo Boss, Armani, Chanel to name just a few. And at the top of the Strasse appears the Munich Theatre.

The city centre is busy with football supporters as Munich has an important Champions leaue game the same evening. We find the main square which is lined with extravagant buildings as well as the Magnificant town hall. Old buildings compliment the new and it all sits very comfortably together. Heading back to Maximillian Strasse we walk through the old streets finding stautes, (one which has been taken over by a memorial to Micheal Jackson), paintings, pubs…and there it is, the find of the trip…”The Hoffbrau Haus” This building has over 400 years of history as well as serving beer in 1 litre jugs only (after 6pm). The Haus is full of diners and we luckily find a table with a gentleman from Munich sitting on his own called “Stefan”. We chat to our new friend and he tells us all about the Haus and how we are in luck as for 40 days only, leading up to Easter the Haus sells an extra strong beer (Starkbier) 7.9% which is its best. We have to try it and in 1 litre jugs, the beer is soon flowing, apart from our driver who has to make do with a glass of Radler (Shandy). We order some food to help dry us out, sausages, Chicken and Schweinshaxn (Pork Knuckle) and sit and listen to the live music from the traditional Bavarian band playing in the centre of the room. Everyone seems in good spirits and we spend a very pleasnat evening in the company of Stefan whose English was excellent. It was nearing midnight before we headed back off to our motorhome and our Hoffbrau Haus was left behind.

Day 28


A slightly grey day today so we have a lazy start. Making our way towards Chiemsee a mist hangs over the lake making it difficult to see the beauty it has to offer. We can just make out the island in the diistance, but it is still enjoyable and we spend some time walking along the lakeside and feeding the many ducks and waterbirds that have their home here before we head off towards Salzburg.

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