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Chapter Six

Day 17

Luxembourg -> on route to Calais

The stay overnight at the service station in Luxembourg was alright, but we woke up with our windows in the cab all iced up, on the inside! We had been able to get a shower here last night and the shower and toilet area was nice and clean. We put Calais into the Sat Nav and started off along the Motorway. We came off at Luxembourg City and drove through but there was not many opportunities to stop as the roads were very icy. The City itself, what we saw of it, was very smart and clean. There were a lot of new buildings being built and they seemed to be large and quite futuristic. We joined the motorway again and carried on our way. The fields were white with snow and small villages and farmhouses could been seen in the distance every now and then. As the evening approached the sun started to set and the fields turned to pink in the evening glow. The sun was a beautiful sight to see as it turned a brilliant red before dissappearing from our view behind some hills. As we passed a field bordered by trees, we spotted two deers out looking for food, how pretty, I wish I had my camera at the ready just then.

Coming along the motorway we missed the turn off into the service station and decided to come off and go back, unfortunately there was no entry back on to the road and we made our way along the side roads. A turn off (according to our sat nav!) that would take us back, came up on our right and we took this small road, it was all looking very pretty. As we neared the top of the lane the surface of the road suddenly turned to a sheet of ice, we were stuck we could go no further and the motorhome was now sliding back wards even with the brake on! It was very scary. We put cardboard and carpets under the wheels, but all to no avail, we had to go back. Walking either side of the van, we directed our driver along the road as best as we could, it was tough going. Every now and then the van would slide sidewards towards a sheer drop that lay to both sides of this lane! There were a few moments when we thought this is it! An ambulance appeared at the top of the hill and watched us for a while before turning round and disappearing from view. A few large cars, obviously with winter tyres, came up the lane and past us by but only one stoppped to ask if we were OK. Eventually we came to a small area were, with careful movements we were able to turn round and finally drive back down to the main road. We needed a cup of coffee after that! The main roads were not very good and were also starting to ice up, but eventually we made it back to the motorway. The Motorway started to clear as we neared Calais, and by the time we reached the town it was all pretty much normal. We are not booked on the ferry until 01.00 Monday morning, so we head for the Aires at the beach area were we find 17 other Motorhomes already parked up for the night. The Chip Van was still open so we bought ourselves a few to go with the chicken that had been cooking gently as we had been driving along. We were ready for it. Oh well, another day over and so to bed, Goodnight!

Day 18


Waking up quite early (for us!), the van was lovely and warm, put the kettle on for a warm drink. Everything outside seemed nice and quite, perhaps we were the only ones up. We have planned to drive along the coast road today towards Bologne, and on route there is a large military museum that we are going to see. I am realy looking forward to this as this will be our last day for a couple of weeks while the motorhome gets sorted out and we are able to get back on our way. Wake the others with their drinks and decide to take a peek outside to see what the weather is like. Oh No! what is this? In Calais! Where did all this snow come from? and it is still snowing now! I have never, ever seen snow in Calais before, let alone this much. Has it follwed us? Well that puts paid to our plans for today, you see you should never make plans just take it a day at a time. A few of the men emerge from their Motorhomes to ‘clear the snow away’, yes to play in the snow more like! soon it seems like a jolly old get together as they are swapping stories of where they have been and what the weather was like, and what the weather is like back in the U.K . It is quite funny watching, from inside, their antics in shoveling snow away from the doors and off the bonnets, for it to fall down and cover them with snow as it falls off the roof. I’ll just stay inside with my coffee. We drive slowly (very slowly!) into town and find a shop that is open on Sunday mornings. Stocking up on essentials (Croissants, Chocolate Croissants,Cheeses and bread) we make for the port for breakfast and to ask if we could go on an earlier boat. A surly man informs us that it will cost an extra £60 on top of our ticket, we tell him No Way! and go out and park up to wait. In the ticket office they inform us that we will be able to go at 10pm on the same ticket, so that is a bit better. We sit and watch the snow starting to fall again.

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