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Motorhome Tour of Europe

Recession! Bank Charges! Price Increases! Every time the news comes on T.V. only bad news! How the stresses and strains of modern life can get you down. After two years of worries, bad health and stress we decide enough is enough, we would take a break and just drop out of this rat race. Yes it would be very hard to leave our loved ones behind, but if we continued to say “one day we will do this, that or the other” then maybe that day would never come. So taking the bull by the horns, we rented out our home for a year, hired a container for most of our belongings and squashed the rest into our motorhome! ( our home for the next 12 months!) scary and yet also exciting. Where were we going to go? Maybe we should make some plans? Oh, no time now! we will do it on route, won’t we?

Ferry / Brugges

……Finally back in the warmth of our van, we were waved off, only to be stuck behind a broken down Latvian van with thirty seven people aboard, all trying to push it up the ramp and off the boat, just our luck!…..

Nurburgring / Bingen

……our next destination, the Nurburgring, as it is not that far away. We finish up our dinner, buy a selection of local beers and head back to the van thinking of what time we can do a lap of the ring in our motorhome in…..

German Wine Road

……He plays 20 musical instruments and he has his guitar with him. We invite him in for a cup of tea and he repays the favour with songs and music on his guitar…….

The Black Forest

……the best thing I have seen so far. Looking at the thermometer to my amazement I see -14, unbelievable!! I open the blinds expecting to see a few polar bears or penguins……

Spyer / Trier

……there is no water full stop! the showers (which can only be opened with the card) are in total disrepair, the tiles are on the floor, the shower pieces are on the floor! …..

Luxembourg / UK

……Every now and then the van would slide sidewards towards a sheer drop that lay to both sides of this lane!……


After spending nearly three weeks at home repairing and replacing bits and pieces on the Motorhome, and making sure that every inch of the underneath is well and truly insulated, we head off again. Before heading back to Dover we spend a lovely long weekend at the Palace Hotel in Paignton with very dear friends. It was so nice to be pampered and looked after and it certainly raised our spirits. Long walks along the seafront in glorious sunshine made it hard to believe it was indeed only February.

Calais / Luxembourg / Singen

…..through the winding cobbled streets and stop to take a photo of a bronze farmer watching over some playful young bronze piglets and their mother…….

Rheinfall / Lindau / Memmingen

…….We carry on our way and head for Schaffhausen and the Rheinfall. On reaching the falls the first thing that hits you is the sound of the water, it is thunderous!………

German Mountain Road  / Neuschwannstein

…….they are very strict about not taking photos one of our team received a ticking off for getting a camera out! The kitchens are bedecked with gleaming copper pans and pots hanging from their hooks…….

Bannwaldsee / Munich / Chiemsee

……We chat to our new friend and he tells us all about the Haus and how we are in luck as for 40 days only, leading up to Easter the Haus sells an extra strong beer (Starkbier) 7.9% which is its best……


…….there are no signs so we go a little further to look, we do not get far there is a hotel next door and a very irate man came rushing out to tell us to go away and shouting and waving his arms around……


……At the top of the track we disembark and after a short two minute walk past a few bars we find the cable car which will take us to our next destination further up the mountain again. We are joined by a few skiiers……

Innsbruck / Brenner Pass / Lake Garda

…..Near the bottom just before entering Vipiteno/Sterzing a cablecar passes over the road as it makes its way up the mountain…..


…..Woken up by our cockeral friend and feel very happy with our Milan exploits but decide one last venture into the city is worth it before we leave to pick up our new member of the team from Bergamo Airport……

Parma / Maranello / Bologne

……One curious sight we see, are the ladies sitting on chairs along side the road, waiting for “Custom”, Out on these country roads they seem a bit out of place, but who are we to say where they belong…….

Florence / Sienna

……They come rushing back excitedly to tell us to join them as the views are well worth the climb. Hobbling along after them they pulled me up the steep steps leading to the top, YES it was worth it, a beautiful view of Florence by night……


…….We leave the Vittoriano reluctantly and head back out to the crowded and now quite hot streets, and walk up the Via dei Fori Imperiali towards the Coloseum…….

Naples / Sorrento / Pompei

……face to face with a coach whose driver beckoned us forward whilst people ‘helfully’ watched and called us on as we breathed in, pulled our mirrors in and just prayed…….

Easter in Rome

……Afterwards the Pope appears on the balcony to give his Easter Blessing. He wishes everyone a very Happy Easter in many, many languages, cheers go up from the crowds as he speaks in their tongue …..

Italian and French Riviera

…….the waves start to crash over the top of the motorhome, then a storm hits. During the night the rain was torrential and the thunder was so loud that it woke us with a start as the ground shook with the noise……

St Tropez / Carro

……. suddely, and with a bend in front of us, he comes along side, and hits our mirror and clips our van as he cuts us off, luckily for us our driver stays calm and we are not forced off the road and into the ditch which is to the side of us……

Le Grau Du Roi

……. one matador fall and the bull trample on him and then picked him up and flung him into the air like a rag doll, then proceeded to crash into him,……

Sete / La Jonquira

…… a man stops in his van and asks us ‘do we know that it is closed until May?’We tell him that we are just going uo to take some photos, he offers us a lift which we are very glad of and even more happy when we see how much further and steeper it was……

Andorra / Lourdes

……It is such an amazing sight to see so many people with candles lit and walking in the procession saying the rosary and singing. …..

Cahors / Rocamadour

……The boats glide along the 500 metres of the ‘Riviere Muette'(silent River). The boat takes you to the ‘Lake of Rain’ where there is a constant patter of water dropping, here you see multi-coloured stalactities of which the ‘Great Pendant’ is the most spectacular, it is just hanging there almost touching the water …..

Collonges la Rouge / Oradour-sur-Glane

…….huge monument placed here in memory of the 642 people who lost their lives that terrible day, 10th June 1944, in a massacre by the Nazi troops, 205 of which were children……

Reims / Luxembourg / Boulogne / England

…the huge missile firing machine which is transported on railway tracks, it is one of only two in the world, the other being in Aberdeen U.S.A …..