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Aires de Service, Reisemobil Stellplätze, Aree di Sosta, Bobils, Servico para Autocaravanas, Husbilsplats, Camperplaats, Matkaparkki

Motorhomes are gaining more and more popularity these days and there are now overnight stopping places located all around Europe. In some countries these stop-overs can be located easily because of the numbers that are provided, but other countries are yet to catch on in providing this service to visitors. In France these areas are called Aires de Service, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland they are Reisemobil Stellplätze, in Italy Area di Sosta, in Britain Motorhome Camperstops, in Norway Bobils and in Spain and Portugal they are known as Servico para Autocaravanas, but throughout Europe everyone will understand the word Camperstop. These Aires de Service are often located in, or near, the heart of the town or village and therefore give easy access to the nearby sights and attractions in the area. As Motorhome owners take their “home” with them (including the kitchen sink), they have their facilities with them but the need to stop overnight and fill up with water and empty grey water and toilet cassettes is a necessity and this is where the Aires or Camperstops are invaluable. Charges vary in each Aires as they are normally controlled by the local council, sometimes the charges will include service charges but other times they will be separate and payable on the machine in question. Electric is also more widely available in the Aires nowadays and is provided, and charged, by usage from a machine. Aires – Camperstops -can be located in all sorts of locations such as car parks, farms, vineyards, swimming baths or sports halls,churches, hotel car parks and some are even alongside rivers and set amidst pine trees, you just have to get out there and check them out, and the best thing of all is that some of them are actually free which makes them the best of all!! One thing to bear in mind when stopping in an Aires is that it is not a camp site and therefore it is not the done thing to start taking out tables and chairs and setting them up outside in the same way as you would when camping, take your cue from others around you.

In France there are an abundance of Aires de Service to be found from large cities, towns and small villages and we have found them invaluable when wanting to do some sightseeing around towns and cities. The smaller villages provide Aires normally just outside the village and set in the countryside which is ideal for relaxing in peaceful surroundings or long walks through the beautiful countryside. Again Germany also has plentiful Reisemobil Stellplätze and the ones along the German wine-roads make wonderful stopping places for joining in any wine tasting, they will also be found near places of interest such as the many castles that Germany has to offer. You can even find them positioned in Hotel and restaurant car parks which are free if you come in and have a meal, which is certainly no hardship with the wonderful gastronomic delights that Germany has to offer. Another country that has no shortage of Aree di Sosta is Italy, and what fun you can have discovering the delights of Italy and staying so close by from farmhouses in Milan to waterfront areas on the way to Rome, a riverside park in Bobbio and a restaurant garden in Puglia we have tried them out and been very impressed with the standards and friendliness we encountered along the way. People have spoken to us about safety and this is of course a factor that needs to be given significant consideration, but it is mostly a matter of common sense. You can not stop crime altogether and this is something that will always be there, unfortunately, but by taking sensible steps you can be as safe as possible wherever you are. Make sure that you are in a recognised Aires, Area di Sosta or Reisemobil Stellplatz, are there any other people there? Speak to them, be friendly, people will always look out for each other if you take the time to say hello. There are many places where security do the rounds through the night, keep an eye out for them. If you feel a little intimidated by an area look for an Aires that is in an enclosure with gates, you will pay a little more but you will sleep a lot better. Stay alert and just check everything out as you come to it but don’t be too afraid to try places out, you might miss out on some fantastic experiences.

Motorhome Tours

Pack up your Motorhome with tea and coffee, grab the map and head off on a Motorhome Tour. The excitement you get from preparing your Motorhome, booking the Ferry and planning a route can be amazing. If planning is not your thing, you find it a little too daunting and would not know where to start, with our pre-planned Motorhome Tours, you have a route already planned out for you, places to stay, what to see, we can also supply you with information on city cards (on selected cities) to help you save money. If you have never taken a Motorhome Tour before, read through our personal Tours and see if they are for you. One thing is for sure, once you have driven your first Motorhome Tour, you will want to discover more and visit new and exciting places at every given opportunity.

Motorhome Tours


Where ever in the world you may be, the options are limitless and the barriers removed. If its the USA you are in, what other holidays could offer visits to the Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore, the Rockies, the Californian deserts, the wide-open spaces of Texas, the rolling hills of Pennsylvania or the beaches of Florida all in one holiday. Or Australia, the entire Australian coast road, Ayers Rock, Sydney opera house all become sights that can be enjoyed whilst sitting in the comfort of your own chair. Europeans are lucky enough to have majestic castles, snowy mountain tops, ocean roads, Black Forest Alpine Roads, historical buildings, Amphitheaters to name just a few sights. Your motorhome gives you the freedom to choose where you want to go, and when.

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