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Money Saving Motorhome Travel Tips

Travelling in your Motorhome is an excellent way to get out and see the world, however it can become expensive. We have been travelling in Motorhomes for over thirty years and have discovered a few good ideas to save Money whilst travelling. Some suggestions may not be for everyone but if any of the ideas on this Motorhome page help, then this Top 10 Tips has been a success.

1. Wild Camping / Motorhome Airs

Motorhome AiresStaying in Campsites an become very expensive after a while so the best way to save money is to either wild-camp or stay in a Motorhome Stop or Aire. Aires have a place to empty and fill your water and in some cases will have electricity that you can plug into, for a small charge, normally only a few euro a night. Wild camping is free however you do not have the facilities that some may need and it is not allowed to just park up anywhere so be careful when deciding on where to stop. Another good place to stay in on the European Motorway service stations. These over security with lighting, shops and toilets (in general). These again are usually free to stop at.

2. Stay off Motorways

Driving your Motorhome on MotorwaysMotorways may be the quickest way to get from destinations, however you are on Holiday and no need to rush. Motorways across Europe have tolls that you need to pay, either on the motorways themselves or in the form of Vignettes. Travelling the back roads will not only stop you having to pay these charges, it will also let you see more of the real country and find places you may have never off discovered otherwise. Another advantage of staying off the motorway is that the fuel is a lot cheaper than on the motorways

3. Eat in and buy from Supermarkets

Eating in a MotorhomeIt can be very easy to go to the local cafes or restaurants for your Lunch and dinner however if you are on a budget then visiting the local large shops and buying food, especially food on offer, can seriously save you a fortune. It is also the same for drinks. Beers and wine may cost you around four Euros each, however if you can buy alot more for your money in the supermarkets. Drinking and eating in your Motorhome may not be the most sociable however it will help you stay away longer and save you a lot of money.

4. Cycle around the local Towns

Taking cycles on your MotorhomeIf you are lucky enough to have your bikes with you on the back of your Motorhome then using them to travel around could save you a lot of money on fuel. Starting your Motorhome up daily to do small trips and sitting in traffic could be very unnecessary and a waste of fuel if you have your bikes. Not only will you miss out on traffic ques, it will also keep you fit and you will enjoy being more with nature in your new environment, you will also be able to go places vehicles cant go.

5. Don`t Over-pack

OverpackingWhen preparing your Motorhome to leave for your trip make sure you don`t over-pack. Over packing your Motorhome will make the van more cramped as well as making it heavier, which of course in turn, effects your MPG. Trying to get the possible MPG out of your Motorhome is very important while travelling. Keeping the Motorhome slightly empty also helps when you start buying food and beer, and of course presents when you return home.

6. Maintenance

Vehicle MaintanainceMaintenance of your Motorhome is a good way to keep costs down. If your Motorhome needs a service or tyres changing, if you can do it yourself then it will save you a lot of money. Some Garages could easily charge over 100 Euros an hour as well as parts, so any work you can do yourself will really help. The same goes for cleaning your Motorhome. If you can clean it, inside and out yourself then it will also help keep the funds in your own pocket instead of someone else`s.

7. Off Peak Travel

Off Peak TravelTravelling off peak is not an option we can all afford to do because of work commitments however if it is something you are able to do then you will find plenty of deals to try and entice you. The ferries are cheaper as well as campsites right across Europe. Another advantage you will discover of travelling off peak in your Motorhome is that the roads will be a lot quieter as well as attractions that you may want to visit.

8. Travel Longer

Travel Longer in your MotorhomeTravelling longer in your Motorhome will save you money if the choice is between a few short holidays or one long one. By travelling longer, you wont have the added expenses of extra ferries or toll charges. You can also find excellent places to stay and stay there a little longer than just travelling around trying to fit as many destinations in to a short period. Certain campsites and destinations will also have deals that will make your stay cheaper the longer you stay, so you might get ten nights for the price of seven for example.

9. Take what nature offers

Eat natural and fresh fruitAnother way of saving money while travelling in your Motorhome is to live off the land a little. This might not be something everyone feels comfortable doing, however right across Europe fruit is grown along the side of the roads, pavements and in the wild. Lets get it right, i am not talking about stealing, i am talking about the fruit that is hanging over the pavements and the berry’s and alike growing wild. Picking it is a good way to have fresh fruit at all times and also a good way of saving money as fruit can sometimes be expensive. I visited Italy and the lemons and fruit that grew along the sides of the road where so unbelievably big and can i say, beautiful, i just had to try them

10. Look out for offers

Special offersThis might sound obvious but it is amazing how many people dont take advantage of special offers. if you are looking at saving money then you should always be watching. The ferries may have offers on for cheap days to cross, the shops may have offers on for days when certain foods are cheap or even drinks. I have also seen Petrol stations that reduce the price of fuel on certain days. It is worth following certain companies that send you emails about offers as you  may just get something you need as well.


We all want to travel as much as possible and save as much money as we can. Some of the above ideas may not be for every one however if you can add some of the above to your travels then im sure you will be able to save a little which might just keep you away in your Motorhome a little longer, and that’s the objective we are all trying to achieve.

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