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Top 5 Tips to Successful Motorhome Holidays

When planning your Motorhome trip there a few things you need to remember and do first. I am not including preparing your van correctly. if you would like advice on how to Prepare your Motorhome then read our guide to Preparing your Motorhome for use. Below is our top 5 Tips, if you can think of something we miss then please feel free to share them with us.

1. Research Destinations

I am not somebody who researches every last detail of a destination I am visiting however it is good to have an idea of where you are visiting. Find the most important and interesting places you want to visit and find details on them such as prices and opening times. It is also a good idea to research the area in case you come across something you didn’t know about but would have been devastated to have missed out on if you had found out later. Too many times we visit places and miss the most interesting places near by because we didn’t know they were there. Do your research but remember its a holiday not homework

2. Locate or book your places to stay

So you now know where you are going, it is time to organize where you will stay. It is always a good idea to find out where campsites or Motorhome stops are near your chosen destination. Contact them and find out if they are fully booked or if you can reserve a pitch. A little bit of reading about and you may find a campsite that is a little further away but has many extra on site activities, such as swimming baths, shops, bar, mini golf or tennis courts. Even if you don`t want to book, it is always a good idea to look.

3. Plan for Everyone in the Motorhome

We all want to go away and see and do the things that we want however if you are travelling with other people, especially children then make sure you plan things that will keep everyone happy. You may want to visit museums or churches but i am sure young children or teenagers will not find it as exciting as you. Take turns to visit things that you both may like, Museums one day, swimming baths the next. If everyone is happy then the trip will go a lot more smoothly and will bring you closer as a family.

4. Pack only what you need

Just because you have a Motorhome with twenty cupboards, does not mean you have to fill them all. Pack only what you need. Plan out your clothes and shoes. If you are away for one week, you wont need forty pairs of socks and twenty jumpers. Any extra weight you take will only work against your MPG. Take the correct number of chairs and furniture that you need. If you only eat certain food or drink certain drinks, take them with you as you may not be able to buy them abroad.  Any space you save will be handy in case you plan to bring anything back with you.

5, Enjoy it

The most important part of any trip is to enjoy it. Do not drive too much, stop and enjoy the scenery. Take walks through small remote towns and experience the new culture. Do not be afraid to go off track. if you change your mind halfway through your trip about where you are going, go with it. Motorhomes are there to give you freedom not to hold you back. Remember why you bought your Motorhome in the first place. Speak to local people and taste local cuisine, do not be afraid to join in. Your Motorhome holidays are your trips of a lifetime and you can tell the stories of the people you meet and the experiences you had for ever

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