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Inserting Windows

When I chose my van, I already knew what layout I wanted, well to a point. I wanted the seats in the back, which would become the bed. The kitchen along the side with the sliding door, and bathroom behind the driver’s seats. I would leave the three seats in the front, as that suited my family best.

By choosing this layout I could work out which windows I would need and which roof windows I could fit in and were they would go. Obviously i wanted windows around the back of the van, and the bigger the better, what’s the point of sitting on some of the finest locations around if you can’t see out of the window. I bought my windows, and set about inserting them, thus finding my first problem. The windows I bought for the back were fantastic; however it would not fit on the sliding door side due to the metal runner holder for the door. I thought about the problem for a while, and then found the perfect solution. I shortened the runner. The door still opens over three quarters of the way, which is ample, and it allows me to put my large windows in the back. A simple but genius solution.

I made a template for the windows so I could mark them out easily on the vehicle. I then put tape round the edges so I could not mark the van and proceeded to cut them out. After the rear two, i cut out the kitchen window, the back door windows and then started on the roof. I could cut out the dining area window and the kitchen, but the bathroom will have to wait, until i know for certain where it will fit. I don’t want it overlapping a wall by mistake.

The largest window is above the bed so i can look out and enjoy the stars while relaxing in my bed. The window I chose above the kitchen area is a simple lift up. I thought about putting a fan roof window in, but I don’t think I will need one. I have a lift up one for the bathroom as well, however that will have to wait until I have the shower in place.

I have attached wood all around the windows. This is for support, strength and so later additions can be screwed up. I have used a special bonding substance that once hard, is almost impossible to seperate. I will leave it to dry overnight before taking the clamps off and inserting the rubber window surrounds and then the windows.

After adding the rubber seals, the windows are attached, and i think they look rather good. Tinted and large, will be fantastic to look out while having my lunch near the ocean.

I have added the blinds now so they will be hidden behind the wall. Saving me space and allowing the curtain to flow easily across the windows.