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Fitting the Electrics

Considering to do your own electrics on a motorhome conversion may seem very daunting to begin with, however once broken down into steps, it is a slightly easier exercise than first feared. My first process was to consider exactly where I wanted everything in the van to go. I planned out my lights, switches, boiler, location of my fridge, oven etc. and marked everything out on the walls. I also had to make sure my electrical unit would fit under the chair so it was easily accessible but out of the way of being knocked or played with. I wanted it under the back seats but that left me with a small dilemma. I wanted to be able to put the wires easily from one side of the van to other but also for the wires to free from being squashed, as that may force them to loosen over time or bend or break. Therefore I came up with the idea of having a small raised floor to the rear under the sitting area. By lifting it only a few inches, it allows me to move the wires across the vehicle safely; it will also allow me to put my plumbing from one side of the vehicle to the other without it being knocked. It will allow extra storage for small items such as golf clubs, umbrellas, awning poles, beer, wine etc. and it will also give a more aesthetically more pleasing look to the interior of the van at the end.

I started to place my wires around the van and have them roughly in the right places. I have left enough wire for them to be able to move exactly where I want them. I want three lights over each window, A light above the sink and oven. Roof lights with switches, an outside light, Lights in the bathroom. I have also included the wires for the TV Ariel’s and the wires from the solar panels to the batteries. I have put a radio and speakers in the rear and switches in all the right places, for the kettle, phone chargers etc. Whilst doing this phase i also used a silver thermal foil insulation which glues onto the walls for extra warmth. I will add another insulation at a later date before adding the walls.

My next job was to lay the floor. This was because I wanted to put my power unit in place and start to get my wires in place properly. I wanted to use nice solid wood flooring. I know it is slightly heavier than lino, but it is so much stronger, warmer and looks so much better, in my opinion. To the rear, I then started to erect a wooden frame which I will use to raise the floor and keep wires and piping protected under. It will be open at the end allowing it to be used to put storage under