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Adding Solar Panels to my Motorhome

Time to add my Solar panels. I plan on doing alot of wild camping in my motorhome. I know motorhomes cost alot of money, so if i can make it back on wild camping, then thats where i will do it. I guess campsites are roughly £30 a night, so over a week, over £200. I will make my money back quick im sure.

I want two solar panels as i plan on adding between two, maybe three leisure batteries to my van. I bought on line 2 x 100watt Solar panels to put on my roof. This will give me ample supply of electricty, charging not only my leisure batteries, but i will also add a supply to my vehicle battery. This will stop the vehicle battery ever dying on me as well. I positioned the panels on the roof where they would fit best, added the legs and fastened them up. The panels come with wire already attached so i needed to drill a hole through the roof to put them through. I will attach them to the panel and then take my wires to the batteries. Everything is marked up on the panels so you cant go wrong.