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Adding an Awning to my Motorhome

I needed an awning for my motorhome conversion ad i didnt want a small one. While away I intend to sit out as much as possible. Table, chairs, enough for friends to sit with us, so a small pack up one was no good. I wanted one that  would cover the door incase it was raining and keep u s dry underneath so the rain wouldnt stop our drinking. I finally chse the Fiamma 45s (here is the official link – https://www.fiamma.it/en/f45s-en.html ). At 4.5 metres long it covers the entire width of the van which was perfect for me, and it also has the option of purchasing a safari room if i needed to in the future.

Fitting the Awning

One the box is opened, you see the awning, which comes in three different colours, mine being white, comes with the brackets, awning winder, pegs, booklet and brackets you can attach to the side of the van if you wish to. I dont like these personally, but they are an individual choice. On the rear of the awning, it has been marked out where the brackets should be put on the van for the best support. I measured out the awning ( so it covered the door ), measured and marked out where the brackets should be. The middle i had to move slightly because they need to bolted from the inside of the van and it was impossible to get to the rear of the nut, so a couple of inches up and it was fine. All that was left to do was to drill the holes out and attach the supplied brackets. Once i had done that, i decided i wanted extra support. I wasnt too happy with the brackets, so i bought extra strong metal ties, attached them to the brackets and attached the other side to the roof of the van with more bolts. I know it was extra work, but safety is best and i know i could swing on the awning now and it wont move, although i have no plans to do so.

The awning sits on the brackets and has holes underneath where you attach another three small nut and bolts. You need to drill through the awning base to put them on, but this is so you can move your awning into place. It really isnt an issue you should worry about. And that is it. I opened the awning fully out to check my supports and just as i expected, absolutely solid and it looks really nice with the blue cloth. You can also choose grey, but the blue has a little more colour.