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Tips on Preparing your Motorhome for Use

Thorough Spring Clean

Clean your Motorhome thoroughly inside and out. If a vehicle has been left for a while dirt can build up which can cause damage and deterioration to the vehicle

Air and Check for Damp or Leaks

Damp can build up quite quickly so open all doors and windows and allow the air to blow through the vehicle, circulating fresh and clean air around the Motorhome. Check for damp around windows and seals including the roof and bathroom. Damp can cause a musty smell so check for that once you’re inside your vehicle.

Appliances and Gas Check

Check all appliances are in good working order and check Gas bottles are clean, secure and free of spiders, cobwebs or any other build up that might have occurred. Fill gas bottles up you need to or swap them depending on what system you have in place.


Fully flush out your water system before using with a good steriliser to clean all tanks. The toilet should already be cleaned out but a good rinse and new cleaning products refilled should make everything feel fresh and clean.


Over time air pressure will decrease so top up the pressure to the required levels in each Tyre. Check that the tread depth is to a safe and legal amount and check the walls of the tyre for any degradation. It is also worth checking that nothing has been lodged in the tyres such as stones and that there are no other dangers near the tyres such as nails which could cause holes or damage to the Tyres.

Engine check

Check your battery has power and is in good order. It is also worth checking your oil levels and water levels and topping up where necessary. Also fill your window washer water and check your window wipers. Replace them if you need to.

General check

It is a good idea to check the general items around the van such as the awning, the step and the outside cupboards. If they are a little stiff, then a bit of oil or lubricant will help release them and make them easier for you to use. Inside, check the fridge latch works and the bulb. It is also a good idea to check all the interior lighting. If anything needs replacing then do so, maybe changing to a more power efficient light-bulb (if applicable).


It is always good to have all your paper work up to date in your van. A current MOT (if applicable), any work that has been carried out on the vehicle as well as your insurance and any documents that you may need to carry with you on your trip


It is always worth considering having a Habitation service if it is due before you travel. Experienced engineers will be able to check your gas and electric for you as well as helping you with any other advice you may need. You can also consider using a fuel cleaner when you decide to fill up with fuel. These claim to help clean out the engine and fuel tank as well as help with performance and MPG.


Don’t let you Motorhome become hard work. Keeping up to date with the cleaning and servicing will give you and your family many years of enjoyment and memories

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