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– Nature of the valley Sorteny –


Valley Nature Park Sorteny offers very special interest according to the scientific, historical, educational, artistic and recreational activities it is undertaking.Its landscapes, flora and fauna so unique for land Andorra and its rich historical resulted on 23 June 1999 creating the Valley Nature Park Sorteny. The main purpose was to protect the unique natural values and integrity of the site, and maintain the functional structure of ecosystems , to promote scientific research and environmental education.


The natural landscape is a botanical reserve of value, over 750 species of plants sufficiently representative of the flora of the Pyrenees , of which 60 have some degree of endemicity is also a small botanical garden where there grows a variety plants for medicinal uses.Under the guidance of C between Interpretation of Nature or in the company of guides specializing in flora, you can discover the traditional use of plants high mountain living in traditional high Ordino Valley, the interpretation of landscape, the influence of humans on nature, among many other things. This park is reached via a detour on the road from Ordino to Arcalis in the Ordino valley.

Official Website – http://www.sorteny.ad/

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