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– Caldea Spa Centre –

The Caldea Spa Centre , popularly known as Caldea is a center located in the parish of Escaldes the Principality of Andorra .It was created in 1994 as a center that uses the thermal properties of the natural thermal water which is located in the town of Escaldes. The hot springs of sulfur nitrogen and sulphurous waters outcropping northeast of the fault that runs along the shore plain Andorra and gave name to the population.

The creation of the spa and entertainment was presented in 1984 as a center which used natural hot water and posed as a unifying element identifier and contemporary development of a more diversified. “Ten years later opened under the ownership of a mixed capital company called SEMTEE SA. Since its inception in 2009, Caldea has received over 5 million visitors

Official Website – http://www.caldea.com/es

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