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Sport in Ibiza

Ibiza is more than just sun and sand, and more than mere nightlife. Its unique location, climate and features make Ibiza the ideal place for visitors to do all kinds of sports at all levels, thanks to the variety of sports facilities available throughout the year.


Its crystal-clear waters and a spectacular coastline over 200km in length mean that Ibiza is a popular place to go diving. As such, there are a number of firms specialising both in diving courses carried out hand in hand with professionals. There are also guided tours which enable visitors to discover and learn about the sea beds which make the island an even more delightful place to visit. The sea beds in the National Park of Las Salinas with prairies of Posidonia -of great ecological value-were given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.


By walking, we can enjoy the opportunity to discover in detail the paths and the most outstanding scenery: from the magic of its salt lakes to the island’s defence towers as well as the chance to talk relaxedly with the islanders. This great variety of elements gives birth to colourful and varied scenery. Its exceptional biological richness provides many species with the perfect environment in which to develop. These areas come about thanks to the relationship between men and their environment and they shape our cultural heritage. We invite all our visitors to discover this natural beauty.


From time immemorial, the sea has provided us not only with fish but also with other treasures such as salt. Our fishermen and their llauts (their little boats), in settings where the sea meets the sky and the rocky coasts combine to make sea fishing one of the oldest and most popular leisure activities for our tourists. We remind you that fishing on an individual basis requires the corresponding fishing licence obtainable from the Consell Insular de Ibiza. (Avda España, 49, Eivissa).


As well as having a cultural heritage recognised around the world and fantastic beaches, Ibiza is located in a unique natural setting. Subsequently, one of the best ways to enjoy its beauty is to tour it by bicycle. Visitors will be able to enjoy outstanding scenery both on the coast and inland, discovering awe-inspiring places whilst also taking pleasure from cycling.


For those who are fond of golf, there’s a chance to combine their passion for golf with a relaxed stay in the largest of the Pitiusas. The private Ibiza Golf Club offers those who wish to enjoy this open-air sport, both in the winter season and the summer season in the ideal Ibizan climate. There’s also a nine-hole public golf course in Roca Llisa, very close to the private course. Different tournaments are organised throughout the year, in which golfing enthusiasts can measure their talent from green to green. The golf courses are in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings. In order to keep them in perfect condition only treated water is used on the greens.

Horse Riding

For those who are keen on horse-riding, there are various horse-riding centres. They will also be able to attend show-jumping competitions and horse races with trotones, a local breed of horse. The island’s horse racecourses allow us to experience the excitement of races and the possibility of betting on the winner.

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