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Bardenas Reales, Navarre, Spain

The Navarre Bardenas are a natural semi-desert of some 42,000 ha that covers southeast of Navarra (Spain). The soils are clay, chalk and sandstone and have been eroded by water and wind creating surprising ways in which they emphasize the canyons, plateaus tabular structure and lonely hills, called seamounts. Bardenas lacks urban areas, vegetation is scarce and the many streams that cross the territory have a markedly irregular flow, staying dry most of the year.

The Bardenas found in the southeast of Navarra, Aragon bordering. They are located in the middle of the depression of the Ebro valley at the foot of the mountains of the Yugo and the Zaragoza region of Cinco Villas. It is 45 km from north to south and 24 east-west and at an altitude ranging between 280 and 659 meters. Its area is 41,845 ha. Limited to sixteen municipalities, of which thirteen are Aragon Navarre and three of the province of Zaragoza. The Navarrese are Valtierra, Arguedas, Carcastillo, Santacara, Mélida, Rada, Caparroso, Villafranca, Cadreita, Tudela, Cabanillas, Fustiñana and Buñuel, while the Zaragozan are: Taussig, Ejea de los Caballeros and Sádaba. Bardenas are divided into several distinct areas where mainly include two, Bardena Bardena White and Black, but there are other smaller areas of great singularity

White Bardena

It is the central area and more desert. Its relief is characterized by extensive plains and deep gorges through which rivers flow. This Bardena owes its name to the presence of white salt that extend over the surface due to the abundance of gypsum in the soil. The White Bardena divides into two, the White Lower and Upper White. The first is the most depressed and the second extending from Pisquerra and Eguaras to Carcastillo.

Black Bardena

Negreiros Bardena is situated in the south-eastern part of the territory on the border of the CA of Aragon. Formed by plateaus of different altitudes and cut by rivers flowing at the bottom of the cliffs, this part of the Bardenas is covered with vegetation.

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