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Festivals in Seville

Spring is part of the skin of this city. A flow of emotions sailing from the grief of the Holy Week to the typical joy of the Feria de Abril. During the Holy Week, the citizens of Seville walk the streets to revive the Passion of Christ. The center of the city is full with incense, candles, religious processions and music to embellish a monumental and landscape heritage created to surprise the visitor at every corner. The apogee of this Week is known as la Madrugá: the endless night from the Holy Thursday until the dawn of the Holy Friday, when the most popular and old brotherhoods or cofradías are to be seen.

Once the Holy Week is over, the construction of a brief city begins: a city made of the famous canvas pavilions, or casetas, sand streets and colorful farolillo lights. A city to hold the Feria de Abril, an internationally known festival. The visit to this enclosed city, also known as “real de la feria”, during the middle hours of the day is perfect to enjoy the horses pass, both free and in carriages.

At night, with all the lights on, the casetas let their music scape, along with the smell of “pescaíto frito” and the joy of their people. Meanwhile, fans of bullfighting will be watching the bullfights performed in the bullring of the city, known as Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla.

In the middle of May, the city of Seville and the close town Aljarafe become important passing and leaving points for all those pilgrims starting the pilgrimage known as Camino del Rocío. Part of the long way of the Romería del Rocío passes through the lands and roads of Seville. In fact, some of its most singular moments are held in the province of Seville, such as the crossing of the Guadiamar River through the Vado del Quema; or the presentation of the brotherhood standards, or simpecados, in the Church of Santa María Magdalena of Villamanrique.

One month later, the streets of Seville get filled with rosemary and thyme and the citizens go back to the streets for a new religious festival: Corpus Christi. This baroque display has not changed much since the 17th century and it is one of the most traditional festivities every year in Seville. Some other local festivities take place on May 30th, Day of San Fernando, the city patron saint, in memorial of the Saint King who conquered the city; and also, August 15th, Day of the Virgen de los Reyes, patron saint of the Seville archdiocese, when the statute of this Virgin, who belonged to San Fernando, is taken to the street in procession. In summer the old towns and neighborhoods enjoy their own festivals. It is worth mention the “vela” de Santa Ana, held at the end of July in the old town called Triana, at the other side of the river.

The last week of September several bullfights take place during the Feria de San Miguel. On December 8th there is a local feast in honor to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, reflection of the faith Seville profess to this dogma. That evening and during the following seven days, the dancing children known as “Seises” dance and sing inside the Seville Cathedral wearing blue and white, especially for the occasion. On the eve, at midnight, the students’ tunas sing to the Virgin in the Plaza del Triunfo.

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