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Christmas in Seville

Feria del Belén de Sevilla

This market which runs from mid-November until just before Christmas is filled mainly with Nativity figures – Belén, from which the market takes its name. These figures are taken very seriously in Spain and in many Spanish homes you will find beautiful ornate nativity scenes which are added to from year to year. Some of the figures will cost just a few euros other a few hundred! makeshift shops also sell breads and cakes and spirits without which any celebration would be incomplete.

Christmas is one of the most loving seasons in Seville and has an especial touristic interest. The streets and squares change along with the light and the scents and people feel the city in a different way. You start feeling Christmas around from December 8th, with the celebration of the Vigil in honor to the Immaculate Conception. During Christmas time, the streets are joyful and busy. There are carols contests and Christmas concerts, streets carol bands, different activities for children and adults at the most centric squares, such as Plaza Nueva, Plaza San Francisco, Plaza del Duque, Plaza de la Alameda and Plaza de la Encarnación. Besides, the city offers and interesting list of cultural activities for all ages, like flamenco, theatre plays, opera, dance, exhibitions…

A special atmosphere can be felt in the streets: the stores have their Christmas decoration, the sidewalks are lighted with colorful lights, and the atmosphere is filled with roasted chestnuts scent. In the Christmas Craft Market the visitors may purchase a wide variety of goods and craftwork. Seville embraces a long nativity scenes art tradition. Through the route of the nativity scenes we shall discover great nativity scenes set inside convents, churches, brotherhood houses, institutions and stores, where they are shown for everybody’s enjoyment

The Feria del Belén takes also place during these festivities, a unique nativity scenes market, where exclusively handmade elements for the scenes are to be sold. On New Year’s Eve there is a wide range of dinner parties and “cotillones” organized by the different hotels of Seville. The Feast of the Three Kings and their parade are both very popular in Seville. It is a long expected and joyfully celebrated day, both by children and by adults. All this and a whole lot more are waiting for you to enjoy a Merry Christmas with us. We can’t wait to see you!


Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and is celebrated all over the world as a time of sharing, giving and love. Christmas Customs and Traditions may vary around the world but the sentiments are the same.


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