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Discover the best that Spain has to offer with the great Attractions in Spain, the vast number of Outdoor Activities to enjoy when visiting Spain, colourful Festivals of all sorts not to be missed and if you are driving then keep safe and learn the driving laws and regulations to be adhered to and emergency contact numbers if there is any accident or illness. Read up on Spain’s City information and also discover the wonderful Spanish cuisine, with tasty recipes to try yourself on your return to keep your holiday memories fresh. Whether you are planning a trip or just browsing the country details for information, you are sure to find plenty to give you food for thought on these pages.


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“Spain has some of the largest gold deposits in Europe. It is also one of the world’s biggest producers of granite and marble “

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    Experiences in Spain

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    Attractions in Spain

    The coastline and beautiful beaches of Spain is a magnet to the tourists who visit each year but there is much more to Spain than just its coastline. Spain is home to thousands of heritage attractions, many of these are little known but well worth the time to discover. The history of Spain makes its heritage attractions extremely interesting as it has been influenced by by Christian culture, Islamic culture and Jewish culture and these can be seen in the wonderful architecture that has formed Spanish towns and cities over the centuries. Search through the best places to visit in Spain here

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    Cities in Spain

    Cities in Spain

    Browse through Cities in Spain. Find where to visit whilst in the cities of Spain. Discover information on places to eat and nightlife you can spend your evenings dancing the night away. Find the best places to shop and where to relax after. You can also share your pictures from your visits and leave advice for other people visiting cities throughout Spain.

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    Search through our listings of Places to Stay in Spain. We  provide information on Campsites and Motorhome stops in Spain. Search our list of dedicated Motorhome Stops and find address and contact details if available.

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    Traditional Food of Spain

    Traditional Food

    Traditional Foods in Spain. Spain is essentially divided into four culinary divisions. There is no definition of typical Spanish food as the cuisine varies from region to region dictated by climate and geography. The Northern regions have an abundance of fish and seafood fresh from the Atlantic. Catalonia and Valencia is where you find the Mediterranean Diet considered to be the healthiest in the world. Central Spain has a plentiful supply of game, such as wild boar, pheasant and partridge which are a base to many rich, traditional dishes. From the mountains in the South come some of the very best cured hams “Jamon Serrano”.

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    Traditional Recipes

    Recipes from Spain vary greatly from region to region, the Atlantic coast of Spain produces some of the best fish and seafood in the world and there are Spanish recipes which do justice to this wonderful produce. The Basque country take their food very seriously and have some mouth-watering gastronomical delights to sample, they are even masters of turning the humble bean into a superb dish. The north is also renowned for its cheeses and dairy produce. The south of Spain brings wonderful sunshine dishes, full of the flavours that invoke memories of lazy sunny days Spanish recipes including the rich olive oil for which Andalucia is so famous. Serrano ham, melons and figs and of course Oranges! all go so well with a glass of Spanish wine, what more could one want.

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