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Youth and Students in Athens

Whatever they choose to do in Athens, teens and youngsters will never get bored and will likely make lots of friends for a lifetime. Here are some suggestions on how teenagers and students can to enjoy this city.


There are several companies offering paintball facilities near Athens. Paintball Hellas, just outside of the northern
suburb of Kifissia (Parnitha Paintball Club).  www.paintballhellas.com
Bouncing Betty in Kantza – www.bbpaintball.gr
Sniper Club in Palliini – www.paintballclub.gr
Greek Paintball in Malakassa – www.paintball-malakasa.gr

Go Kart Fun

There are a number of popular Go Kart centres around Athens.
Go Kart Centre
Agios Kosmas
For those who love cars and speed, the Go Kart Centre Agios Kosmas is the most suitable place. Here, you will have the chance to spend moments of adventure escaping stress and amusing yourself.
Where: Poseidonos Ave., (on the opposite side of the former airport of Athens)

A Day at the Beach

Beach parties, watersports, cool cafes and restaurants, lounge chairs and umbrellas are just a few of the activities and amenities that can be found on Athens’ beaches.

Shopping for students

The best areas for value-for-money shopping are by far Ermou Street and the Monastiraki neighbourhood. In Ermou Street you’ll find trendy retail chains and small boutique shops, while in the Monastiraki you will discover great finds at great prices. Don’t forget to visit the open flea market, which takes place at weekends in the same district. You’ll certainly find incredible bargains! You can also do your shopping around Psyrri and Exarcheia. These two areas feature shops by young Greek designers. During sales you are given the chance to acquire a design piece at a bargain price! If you are searching for international brands, pay a visit to Athens’ shopping malls, for great buys! If you happen to be downtown, try Attica or Athenian Capitol. You have more choices in the northern suburbs where you can visit The Mall Athens, Golden Hall and Avenue. If you’re in the Piraeus area, try Athens Heart or Village Shopping and More. If you are in the southern suburbs, spend some time in the Athens Metro Mall. If you travel west, visit the River West.

Erasmus in Athens

Being an Erasmus Student in Athens is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Apart from the high educational standards of the city’s, Athens offers a great range of activities by the sea or on the mountains as including extreme sports, a dazzling nightlife with a great variety of entertainment options in the form of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and discos, big summer music festivals, a mouthwatering cuisine, beautiful cafes, nice shopping and great bargains, lots of cultural entertainment, museums and libraries. You don’t need to worry about anything as in Athens there is an Erasmus Student Network (ESN), a non-profit international student organisation. ESN operates on a pure “Students Helping Students” principle, helping exchange students make the most of their life-altering Erasmus experience as well as encouraging and helping Greek students plan their Erasmus period abroad. Its mission is to represent international students, thus providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.
Official Erasmus website: www

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