Parks and Gardens in Athens

Lying in the most famous spots of Athens or tucked away in well-hidden areas, lush gardens and parks of adorn the city’s neighbourhoods and form pleasant green havens in the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Whether you want to take a peaceful stroll, relax or offer your children a pleasant environment to play, or lay a tablecloth or blanket for an unofficial and very pleasant meal, the gardens of Athens are definitely to be visited during your stay in the Greek capital!

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Forest of Ta toi

Bus 503, 537, stop Agia Triada
(Terminal stop)
Just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Athens lies the beautiful forest of Tatoi, which was once the summer retreat of King George and Queen Olga, before being converted to the royal family’s permanent residence in 1948. Walking in the forest you will be stunned by the lush vegetation; Aleppo pine trees, tall cypresses, poplars, plane trees, beech trees, Greek strawberry trees, olive trees, and citrus trees among others adorn the Tatoi forest, which is protected by the Natura 2000 network as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Don’t miss the 10 m. waterfall that offers an unrivalled sense of serenity and enjoyment. Tatoi is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, jogging and family picnics in the countryside. You can also tour the buildings and the royal cemetery, or take a trip to the artificial lake of Kithara (or Lake Beletsi), where you can enjoy a stunning view of the entire Attica basin.

Thissio Park

Metro green line, Thissio Station
Welcome to the south-westernmost part of the Ancient Agora archaeological site! This is one of the locals’ favourite spots and one of the most frequented city places! You can combine a leisurely stroll with an educational visit to the archaeological site. If you love biking, you can enjoy a bicycle ride to the most beautiful pedestrian Dionysiou Areopagitou and Apostolou Pavlou streets.

Syggrou estate

Kifissias Ave.
Bus A7, 550, stop KAT
Metro green line, KAT Station

Perfect for nature lovers and inquiring minds, the Syggrou estate is a must-see for your family. It’s an absolute oasis of the residents for the northern suburbs of the city, with hidden treasures to be discovered. The Syggrou Estate is perfect for uphill workouts, jogging, trekking, cycling and walking. Its highlight is the unique-in-Greece neo-gothic Orthodox Church of St. Andrew and the mansion of the Syggrou family, designed by Ernst Moritz Theodor Ziller. Note that there are seven entries in total, with the central one being from the side of Kifissias Ave.

National Gardens

Metro blue or red line, Syntagma Station
Created and designed by Queen Amalia in the 19th century, the National Gardens are the ultimate children’s paradise in the centre of the city, home to more than 500 different species of plants, trees, birds and animals. There is also a Botanical and a Children’s Museum, a zoo, and a playground along with scattered ancient monuments and statues. Relax at the pleasant and always shady coffee shop where children can taste one of the best strawberry sorbet in town.

Pedion tou Areos

Metro green line, Victoria Station
Next to the National Archaeological Museum you can find a lovely recently renovated park for a pleasant walk during the day. Created in 1934 to be a training ground for military units, today Pedion tou Areos is the biggest park in Athens, a locals’ favourite spot for walking with or without their pets, relaxing, or having fun. Children can play while you can follow a breathtaking path among the plane trees. Stroll around and take a look at the numerous impressive statues of heroes of the Greek War of Independence. You can also lose yourself in the specially designed “Minoan Labyrinth” or sip your coffee in one of the park’s picturesque cafes.

Antonis Tritsis Environmental

Awareness Pa rk
23 Spyrou Moustakli Street, Ilion
Bus A10, B10, B12
Suburban railway (Proastiakos): Ano Liosia Station
Welcome to the largest green zone in Attica, the huge park of Antonis Tritsis, located at Pyrgos Vassilissis, in Ilion. It’s the region’s precious gem that encompasses ponds, canals, a rich flora and a refuge of hundreds of species of birds and mammals. A specially designed system ensures continuous recirculation of fresh water between the park’s six lakes. This abundance of water has helped promote and preserve the park’s rich biodiversity. In the park, you can do some trekking, jogging, biking and even horseback riding, or alternatively just relax with your children in the cafés and bars around.

Diomidous Botanical Garden

Diomidous Botanical Garden

403 Iera Odos Street, Athens
Bus A16, B16, 801, 811, 836, 866, ?63,
Diomedous stop
Bus 845, 876, ?16, Psychiatreio stop
Located in the western suburbs of Athens, the Botanical Garden extends over a vast area of 1,800 hectares with more than 3.500 different species of plants from all over the world. It is a paradise of flowers and plants, an ideal place for an invigorating scenic stroll for your family. In the dedicated botanic section with pharmaceutical plants, you will come across with many different herbs, such as thyme, louisa, passiflora, and lavender to name but a few. You can also introduce your children to some plants well-known from ancient Greek mythology such as Aphrodite’s sacred myrtle, the olive tree, the sacred symbol of Athens and acanthus, the ornament of the Corinthian-style columns.

Ecoktima on Mt.

Par nitha
Skourton village, Dervenochoria,
Mt. Parnitha
What better way to spend a day with your kids than out in the country, growing your own vegetables? When in Athens, don’t miss out on a chance to visit the EcoKtima farm on Mount Parnitha, where you can rent a plot of land and plant your own organic vegetable patch. What is really amazing is that you can watch your plot develop online at any time of the day or night and the crop can be harvested by the farm’s tenant and delivered to your door. Ecoktima has guesthouses, a herb garden, farm animals, a vineyard and horses that you can hire for a ride in the countryside. The amenities of the farm also include play areas for your children, a chapel, a teaching area and a lovely gift shop.

Attica Zoological Park

Yalou, Spata
Bus 319
There is nothing better than spending the day with your children at the largest zoo in Greece, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Amazing animals from all over the world will enchant and impress the whole family and leave you with unique memories. Get to know more than two hundred species of birds, reptiles as well as representatives of the best that the Greek fauna has to offer: Wolves, bears, wild cats and foxes, a number of African mammals like giraffes, zebras, antelopes and some rare animals like snow leopards and white lions. Among the highlights of the park are the African penguins, the playful dolphins and the adorable seals. The amenities of the museum include a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, picnic areas and a playground.

Allou! Fun Park

Kifissou and Petrou Ralli Ave. Agios Ioannis Rentis
Bus ?18, ?18, trolleybus 21, stop ??? ???
Bus 703, 829, 801, 802, 803, 804, 845, 703, 909, stop ?’ Nekrotafeio
Welcome to the largest amusement park in Athens. Let your adrenaline flow! The entertainment is about to begin! Offering a wide choice of entertainment and fun for all preferences, Allou! Fun Park attracts crowds especially on weekends all year round. The Star Flyer, the Crazy Mouse and Big Apple, the House of Fear, La Isla, a beautiful Carous-sel, the Bongo flying elephants and the Youpi Tower are just some of the games offered. It’s the ideal place for those who like to combine endless fun, food and enjoy a beautiful green and secure environment, as Allou! Fun Park is checked by Inspection and Certification organization TÜV HELLAS

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