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Nightlife in Athens

Athens is an ideal destination for those who want to have fun and unwind, leaving stress and problems behind. Often described as the city that never sleeps, Athens has a unique and multidimensional nightlife, offering unforgettable moments! It is a real must-live experience with a great variety of kinds of entertainment, whether it be dance clubs, little cozy bars, restaurants, theatre, cinemas and the famous live stages known as bouzoukia. Are you searching for bars and clubs that will be open till the morning light to dance all night long to the rhythm of both local and international music? Do you want to have dinner even after midnight, or give yourself the chance to watch a drama performance at an ancient theater? Then Athens by night is the answer!

Have fun the Greek way!

To get into the rhythm of the city, enjoy an early evening promenade in the old city center, where you can enjoy some early drinks during happy hour, followed by a late dinner. There are plenty of nice restaurants and typical Greek taverns where you can taste world-famous Greek cuisine. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to dine in a nearly deserted restaurant—or among other tourists only—plan to arrive in your chosen restaurant sometime after 9pm. There are also taverns with live Greek music especially in Plaka, Psyrri and Monastiraki. If you are in the mood for a Greek night out following your dinner plans, there are numerous options to choose from.


The nightlife in Athens varies; from very lively to more sophisticated. From large clubs by the beach to trendy lounges in Kolonaki, Kifissia and Chalandri, to indie and intimate bars in Karytsi Square, Psyrri and Panormou Street., Athens is a city that never sleeps! Apart from a few waterfront choices, you will find most places located in the center. There are also cosmopolitan bars or lounge cafés on the top floor of numerous hotels affording panoramic views of the city.


If clubbing isn’t your thing, don’t despair! There is a huge music scene from jazz to rock and local music playing everywhere in the city. You can easily find an outdoor bar with or without a live band, and lots of people casually drinking and hanging out. It’s the perfect place to hang out and chat with friends or meet and mingle with the Athenians! There are a number of bars that carry on after most of the city’s bars have been closed up for the night. These are the famous “after-hours-bars”, catering to those who work late shifts and need a drink after work.

Wine Bars

Lately a new crop of stylish wine bars have opened in Athens that give both locals and visitors the chance to taste some great domestic varieties. This latest trend is excellent news for wine aficionados who are able to pay tribute to Greece’s 6,500 years of winemaking history during their visit in the capital. You will be introduced to some of the most exquisite local wines, mouthwatering tidbits and delicious cheese or meat platters.


Athens is a pretty awesome city to party in; dance music is a big deal and the clubbing scene is huge! It is widely known that music and dance is a significant part of daily life in Greece and people love dancing all night to their favorite music. There are two kinds of and the famous large venues playing electronic/dance music and famous bouzoukia, which are venues where Greek singers perform live. In the clubs, the music is usually mainstream music with dance, pop and RnB vibes. After a certain hour it’s highly possible that the club will switch to Greek pop, (“Laika” in Greek). On the other hand, Bouzoukia (the word derives from the word bouzouki, the traditional Greek string instrument) play popular Greek songs mostly with an oriental touch, although they have recently incorporated new, faster beats and loud mainstream pop tunes as well. If you want to dive into the Greek way of fun, keep in mind that clubs don’t open before 11.30 pm, they go all night long, and there is often a dress code to enter. Make sure you have made a reservation for a table. There are also some clubs with a separate dining area, where you can eat first and then move on to the bar. In winter both clubs and bouzoukia are to be found in the city centre and the northern suburbs. Some of the most popular venues are in Pireos Street and Iera Odos Street. In the summer season, most of these clubs are “moving” in the southern suburbs of Athens, by the coastline. Poseidonos Avenue is one of the major summer nightclub spots in Athens.


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