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Family Fun in Athens, Greece

Where else can you visit adrenaline adventure and amusement parks, educational museums, spectacular zoological parks and sandy beaches all in one day? In Athens there are plenty of activities to keep the little ones happy and busy. You’ll find both outdoor and indoor places of entertainment. So no matter what the weather is like you’ll find something interesting for the whole family.

Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre

If you are looking for a highly educational experience then the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre is what you and your children are looking for. Learn about the key highlights of Greek history, visit places and monuments that no longer exist… Just leave everything to your imagination. Situated in a former industrial complex, it hosts exhibitions aimed at showcasing the development of the arts, sciences and every aspect of society throughout the Hellenic world. Its highlight is the Tholos, a domeshaped virtual reality theatre where you can take virtual tours back in time. It will certainly amaze you! The centre includes a coffee shop, Internet access area, a gift shop and a beautiful terrace.

Hellenic Children’s Museum

A small haven, where learning can be fun, awaits you and your little ones while you wander through the picturesque streets and alleys of Plaka. A wide range of activities at the Hellenic Children’s Museum, such as experiments, cooking lessons, painting and a journey through time, will certainly amaze your children and feed their imagination. Children under six years old can play with building blocks in the playroom while you can purchase original toys and handmade objects in the museum’s toyshop.

Gaia Centre

A visit to the Museum of Natural History can never be complete unless you pay a visit to the Gaia Centre, right next door, where you will get acquainted with planet Earth, the diversity of its landscapes, flora and fauna, via new interactive technologies, and understand the impact of human activity on the environment. Its highlight is the Geosphere, a hemispherical dome-monitor 5 m in diameter and with a surface of approximately 40 m2, showcasing the rotating planet in 225,000 high resolution images. After your visit, you can enjoy refreshments or an excellent meal at the very child-friendly museum’s garden.

Museum of Greek Children’s art

Right in the centre of Athens there is a museum dedicated to children’s creativity and imagination! Children here can take part in fascinating educational programmes and get acquainted with art. You can also admire paintings and children’s creations from all over Greece while at the museum’s gift shop you can find books, postcards, posters, art games and a variety of gifts featuring children’s art from the museum’s collections.

The Vorres Museum

The vorres Museum is a cultural foundation that was established in 1983. The museum sprawls over six acres and is divided into two main sections: the museum of contemporary Greek art and the folk art museum, both of which house collections that cover at least 2500 years of Greek history. In the contemporary part, paintings, installations and sculptures created exclusively by Greek artists are exhibited and the folk art section houses antiquities, icons, ceramics, popular artifacts and objects used in daily Greek life centuries ago. The Museum is situated near the airport, in Painia, a suburb of Athens.

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1965 in the green suburb of Kifissia, the Goulandris Natural History Museum offers an extensive collection of botanical, zoological, entomological, geological and paleontological exhibits with many interactive displays and audiovisual performances. Its ultimate vision is to shed light on the evolution of the Earth and its living species and to raise public awareness regarding the urgent need for environmental protection. You will enjoy with your children the experience of learning more about the kingdom of plants and animals and the balance of ecosystems, through the permanent collections and the various exhibitions that take place.

Planetarium Eugenides Foundation

Are you ready to fly to another galaxy? Well, at the Planetarium – Eugenides Foundation, the digital planetarium of Athens and one of the finest and most well-equipped in the world – you will. Its dome is 25 m in diameter and covers an area of 950 m2. The ultra modern theatre room with special reclining and interactive participation seats offer daily astronomy lessons for kids and parents.

B&M Theocharakis

The non-profit, charitable, B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music is located opposite the Greek Parliament, where the cultural, political and commercial heart of Athens beats. ?he B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation organizes events and carries out activities, such as: temporary thematic exhibitions, chamber music concerts, educational programs, seminars, workshops and lectures. Its mission is to engage people in an interdisciplinary dialogue with the visual arts and music, both within and beyond Greek borders, emphasizing the emergence and development of the modern from the 19th to the 21st century.A vibrant cultural centre.

Hellenic Motor Museum

Another museum that both you and your kids will enjoy is the Hellenic Motor Museum inside the Athenian Capital mall in downtown Athens. Three storeys of car history lie before you, dating back to Karl Benz’s time in the late 19th century. The impressive collection of 294 vehicles includes Paul Newman’s Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, Robert Plant’s pink Chrysler Imperial and even a vehicle used in the movie “The Flintstones”. Apart from the exhibition area, the museum has a 200-seat auditorium featuring 3D cinema technology, a simulator, a room for teaching road safety to children, a hall reserved for various events, a café and a gift shop.

Technological Museum Phaethon

Located at the 32nd km of the Athens-Lamia Motorway, the Phaethon Museum is an original and interesting place to visit for car and technology aficionados. Here you can learn about classic automobiles, watches and technology in general. The museum is divided into five sections: A department for classic cars, with 100 exhibits, a watch department and departments of physics, electronics and telecommunications. You will admire classic vehicles such as Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lancia and many more.

Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum

If you and your children are jewelry or art lovers, then the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum is the place to be! It is a unique museum devoted to the art of jewellery and the decorative arts. The permanent exhibition displays 3,000 selected jewels and microsculptures and holds 40.000 designs made by the founder Ilias Lalaounis, a renowned jeweller and goldsmith. The permanent colletions, enriched with private collections, include artifacts from different periods while temporary exhibitions suggest a variety of objects from the decorative arts. The highlight of the museum is an authentic jewelry workshop on the ground floor that both you and the little ones will adore. Take your time to observe the museum’s resident goldsmith at work and learn about ancient goldsmithery techniques, as well as tools and materials of the trade.