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Cuisine in Athens

More and more people are learning to appreciate the delights and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Greek gastronomy has a recorded history of around 4,000 years, with special characteristics based on pure and unique quality goods of the Greek land: Extra virgin olive oil, fresh seasonal vegetables, greens and herbs, crispy pies and delicious roasts, fresh fish and seafood. All the above have established the Greek cuisine as one of the top cuisines in the world. If you want to find its secrets, Greek cuisine has four good quality fresh ingredients in particular: Correct use of flavourings (herbs), spices, the famous Greek olive oil, and simplicity. Throughout Athens, you will find a range of eateries representing the country’s gastronomic scene, from traditional tavernas serving good homely Greek cuisine to elegant restaurants serving up great dishes with a modern, creative twist. Moreover, Athens has many bar-restaurants and wine- bars, fast casual restaurants, and a wide choice of international cuisine to satisfy any visitor’s appetite. So when in Athens, get ready to discover that Greek cuisine has more than “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and “choriatiki” to offer. It presents a wide variety of dishes that will utterly satisfy the gastronomic desires of both vegetarians and meat lovers!

Greek Wines

Greece is one of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions: The earliest evidence of Greek wine dates back to 6,500 years ago! The tradition of winemaking is not only long, but also rich. In the last few years, a great number of Greek wines have been awarded and enjoy protected designations of origin classification. Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Attica, Peloponnese, Crete, the Ionian Islands and almost all of the islands of the Aegean have their own liquid treasures and protected designations of origin. The Greek vineyard is rich with a multitude of varieties and a limitless spectrum of choices, so try to discover and taste local Greek varieties, both traditional and new White varieties: Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Moschofilero, Malvasia di Candia Red varieties: Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko

Greek beers

Over the last few years, Greece has been offering a considerable selection of beers made in large, mostly local breweries, with an incredible variety of flavours, colours and aromas. Its local character makes Greek beer truly special. Particularly popular in Greece and enjoying an ever-increasing share in the international market, Greek beer will cool you down not only on a hot summer day but it will also be the perfect accompaniment to traditional delicacies of the Greek cuisine any time of year you visit Athens. It allow allows successful combinations with Greek tastes, it accompanying many tasty Greek dishes and

Centuries-old distillations

In regional Greece, together with extensive knowledge of wine there is a particularly well developed tradition in the art of distillation of spirits. Ouzo, tsipouro, tsikoudia (raki), are clear, highly scented strong drinks, hallmarks of Greek celebrations on any occasion. There are traditional distilleries and modern manufacturing facilities that continue an ancestral tradition, with great knowledge and devotion. Almost every corner of Greece boasts its own version of fine distilled spirits: The sweeter, smoother ouzo of Mytilene (Lesvos), the more intense ouzo of Macedonia, the aromatic tsikoudia (raki) of Crete, ouzo and “tsipouro” in Thessaly and Epirus.

Food Tours

There are delicious Food Tours in Athens that will guide you through food stores with Greek traditional products, restaurants, markets, etc Take the chance to visit old herb shops with a wide range of herbs and spices such as dried or fresh basil, penny royal tea, lavender, mint, oregano and many more. You can also find handmade herbal olive oil soaps and essential oils.