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Athens Introduction

The centre of economic, industrial, political and cultural life in Greece, metropolitan Athens is a bustling and cosmopolitan metropolis with an urban population of 3.3 million and a metropolitan population of about 3.8 million people. While the classical era heritage is still evident in the city- portrayed through a number of ancient monuments and artworks, a huge variety of Roman and Byzantine monuments, a small remaining number of Ottoman monuments, and significant modern landmarks can also be found. The Greek Parliament (19th century), the Athens Trilogy (Library, University, Academy) and the new (2004) Athens Olympic Sports Complex are only some of the city’s modern architectural landmarks. In 1834, driven by the echo of its classical past, the city became the capital of the modern Greek state. During the two centuries since it developed into an attractive modern metropolis with unrivalled charm and great interest. Within the urban landscape you’ll find oases of old-style neighborhoods and small parks, ancient archaeological sites, and some of the most impressive artefacts in the world.

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Fun Fact about Athens

Whilst the Olympics are named after the ancient Greek games held in Olympia in 776BC, the first modern Olympic Games were actually held in Athens in 1896!”

Classical Sights


Historical Pathways

Let’s take a historic walk and explore charming old-style neighborhoods, oases away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, such as Makrygianni, Plaka, Thiseio, Kerameikos, Monastiraki, and Psyrri. In every step around this area, you will come across different archaeological monuments, museums, and art galleries. Besides that, enjoy the excellentweather, yummy food, vivid nightlife, and the open, Greek leisured lifestyle!

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World Heritage Sights

Athens is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Daphni Monastery. Find out more information on these sites

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Hidden Gems

What if it’s not your first time in Athens and you have already done the “all time classic” Athens? Or what if you simply prefer to discover the city’s secret corners away from the tourist crowd, wishing to immerse yourself in local life and see places where mainly locals hang out? Then follow your heart… Or maybe your footsteps through Athens’ charming neighbourhoods and alleys that are to be discovered.

Hidden Gems

Experiences in Athens

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Map Of Athens

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Athens does not restrict itself to its unique archaeological sites and ancient treasures that you will discover while you stroll around its historic neighbourhoods and alleys. The city offers a wide range of enchanting experiences, seldom found in other metropolises, which will meet all tastes and preferences. Discover once in a lifetime experiences in Athens here

The city offers a wide range of enchanting experiences, seldom found in other metropolises. Discover onece in a lifetime experiences in Athens here

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In this city, archaeological research and collective works never cease. Treasures from bygone eras are continually coming to light and we gain a wider understanding of the historical evolution of Attica region with every new discovery. Athens is loaded with archaeological sites, museums, Byzantine churches, urban sculptures and libraries, and important buildings that tell a different story about this unique land

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A walk around Athens will let you see many important ancient sites from the Classica l and the Roma n times, as well as museums featuring awe-inspiring exhibits illustrating myths, legends, history, defeat, life, love and death in the birthplac e of Western civilisation.

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