Arles and Van Gogh

Arles, in the light of Van Gogh

The name of Arles is closely connected with that of Vincent Van Gogh. It is impossible to evoke Arles and its quality of light without thinking of his paintings. It was this luminosity that attracted Van Gogh to the south of France. Vincent arrived in Arles one day in February 1888 looking for the outside daylight but also seeking an interior illumination. Here he started a period of intense and impassioned work under the bright sunny sky of Provence. His stay in Arles was the most productive period of his life: the more than 300 paintings and drawings done in his 15 months here form one of the most brilliant chapters in the history of art. Some landscapes which inspired him still remain; others have been brought back to life, such as the Café Terrace at Night, the Courtyard of the hospital (Espace Van Gogh). In May 1889 Vincent left Arles for the Saint-Rémy-de-Provence asylum leaving the name of Vincent Van Gogh linked to that of Arles forever. Even though there are no original paintings by Van Gogh in the city, the shadow of his presence is everywhere.

Van Gogh Walking Tour

In the city, the places where Van Gogh set up his easel are pointed out by panels representing his works. Ten spots have been thus indicated : The Place du Forum for the “Evening Café”, the Trinquetaille bridge for the “Staircase of the Trinquetaille bridge”, the Rhone River quay for the “Starry Night”, the Place Lamartine for the “Yellow House”, the Rue Mireille for the “Old Mill”, the Summer Garden on the Boulevard des Lices for the “Public Garden”, the Espace Van Gogh for the “Hospital Garden”, the road along the Arles à Bouc canal for the “Langlois bridge with washerwomen”, today referred to as the “Van Gogh Bridge”. The Arena and the Alyscamps were also depicted in several paintings.

Van Gogh Foundation

The van Gogh Foundation was opened in its new premises on April 7, 2014 at the Léautaud de Donines town house, with more than 1000 m2 of exhibition space on two levels. The Arles Vincent Van Gogh Foundation was created to promote the artistic heritage of the Dutch painter, as well as to study the repercussion of his work in today’s art. By comparing Van Gogh’s work with that of contemporary artists, the intention is to create a fertile dialogue inspiring questions and reflections. The foundation is a dynamic space for exchanges inspired by the lasting ties between the work of Van Gogh and the city of Arles, as well as a spot encouraging discussion and debate about contemporary art and painting.

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