Pont d’Espagne et Lac de Gaube

Pont d’Espagne

This bridge is the gateway to one of France’s oldest National Parks which is a protected area which extends for more than 65 miles. The impressive Pont d’Espagne has always been one of the most popular places to visit in the Pyrenees as it offers easy access to the high mountains. There are hiking trails, cascading waterfalls, pine forests, crystal-clear water holes and peaceful lakes. From the clearly marked footpath you can marvel at the famous Pont d’Espagne which arches above the gorges and the torrential flowing waters. Pont d’Espagne is a brick- built bridge that spans the Gave de Marcadau at the point where it meets the Gave de Gaube, near one of its sources high in the French Pyrenees.The Pont d’Espagne is at an altitude of approx 1500m. The name translates as Spanish Bridge.There is a car park nearby and it is possible to get to Lac de Gaube by ski lift. The nearest towns are Cauterets and Lourdes.

Lac de Gaube

Gaube Lake – Lac de Gaube, is a lake in the French Pyrenees, in the department of the Hautes-Pyrénées, near the town of Cauterets.The lake is situated in an altitude of 1725 m, an egg-shaped form stretching itself along a north-south axis in the valley of Gaube. This steep-sided valley is located at the foot of the Vignemale (3298M). The lake is surrounded by the peak Mayouret (2688 m) to the east, the big Peak of the Paloumères (2720 m) to the southeast, and the peak of Gaube (2377 m) to the northwest.Its principal inflows are the Gaube River tributaries (Gave des oulettes de Gaube), which take their name from the Gaube River, which is the principal outflow of the lake. The lake has an average depth of 40m, surface area of 19 hectares, and more than 2 km of shoreline. A delta situated at the mouth of the principal outflow of the lake is loaded with glacial alluvial deposits.The lake is accessible though an hour hike through the forest, or by cable car from the Bridge of Spain (Pont d’Espagne) in the valley of Cauterets. It is famous for its panorama and relative ease of access. It is the departure point for many pedestrian hikes; its left shore is lined by the GR 10 leading towards the Gaube River tributaries.

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