Ax Les Thermes, France

Eighty springs made it a popular spa resort dating back as far as the middle ages, in the reign of St.Louis. In 1260, the Count of Foix, Roger 1X, built a leper hospital here to treat soldiers who had contracted leprosy in the Crusades in Palestine.There is also a church at Ax and the Abbaye Lagrasse dates back to 994, a capital of Chatellenie since the middle ages which received many privileges of the counts of Foix.

The spa waters for the Thermal baths comes from deep in the Pyrenees, it comes out at 77 o, the sulphur springs are related to the presence of granite leading to the high temperature.. The Romans knew the values of these waters at Ax Les Thermes, but it has been since 1260 that they have been channeled for therapeutic purposes. A visit to Ladres le Basin is a must for visitors to the city, and it is especialy good after a day out on the ski slopes or walking to revive the feet! There are three rivers which cross Ax, the Lauze, the Oriege and the Ariege.Two million gallons of water flow from the springs each day, the lowest temperatures being 23 o rising to 77.8 o.The spa is licensed for the treatment of rheumatism and sequelae of trauma and the treatment of respiratory tract (ENT, pulmonology).

Founded in December 1955, Ax 3 Domaines in 2008 is the ninth largest resort in the Pyrenees French in terms of sales. It is essentially a resort skiing , with twenty-nine runs on three ski areas, that of low altitude Bonascre, that of Saquet at medium altitude, and that of Campels at high altitude, either in whole fifty miles of groomed trails, protected, marked and secured. There is also a track from 2009 cross-country skiing . To overcome the weather, 198 snow cannons cover the station. Since winter 2002, the station is connected to the village axéen a gondola sixteen places.Since 2004, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Ax-les-Thermes and local authorities , a mixed company of private law , the SAVASEM (Alpine valleys of Ax, semi-public company) manages Ax Areas 3 and the station of Ascou- Pailhères . It also works with resorts ski of Chioula and Beille .Ax 3 Domaines , formerly known as “Ax-Bonascre,” is a winter sports resort of Pyrenees located in Ariege . The resort is located eight kilometers from Ax-les-Thermes in the hills above the town in the heart of the valley of Ax in the valley of the Haute-Ariège. It is distant 30 km from the border between France and the Andorra to the south, 30 km from Tarascon-sur-Ariege to the northwest, 20 kilometers from the neck Pailhères to the east and 120 km from Toulouse to the north. Access to the station can be done by three different routes: by road 20 from Tarascon-sur-Ariege , or L’Hospitalet -près-l’Andorre ; the main road 613 crossing the neck of Chioula from Prades ; or via the Col de Pailhères since Mijanès and gorges of the Aude .

In addition to the union station alpine and cross country skiing in the valleys of the Haute-Ariege, partnerships have been signed with other stations, including that of Grandvalira located in Andorra .Good economic vitality has enabled managers to invest in new infrastructure in 2006 and 2007 . This dynamic is accentuated 3 , 4 by regular passages of Tour de France – in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2010 – the Route du Sud in 2002 and 2006 and to a lesser extent, the Ronde de l’Isard d Ariège in 2010.The station is not limited only to the skiing in winter, but is gradually opening up to new horizons, namely hiking or biking in the summer.

For further information on this area:

Tourist office :- 05 61 64 60 60
Ax station :- 05 61 64 20 06

Official Website :-

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