Le Four des Casseaux

The association Espace Porcelain Act of 1901, holds a long lease of 50 years. It maintains and manages all the buildings and the furnace since 1986.
Temporary exhibitions are organized as artistic presentations, historical displays. This site is also open for some promotions. The association presents works on porcelain and techniques used as “Fire,” “The Fours”, “The Porcelain”, “The round porcelain oven.”Also, it offers biographies of workers porcelain.Similarly it has postcards and small items of china.Tours of the plant in operation can be arranged on request. Next to the oven is the shop of the factory offers a wide selection of white porcelain and decorated with all styles. Any visit, tour or free, is preceded by the unfolding of a video depicting the history of the site.

Historical monument

This round oven, built in the early twentieth century is the latest model of a huge series that began in 1769 and in Sèvres in 1771 in Limoges. It was particularly enhanced by limousine companies throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is one of five survivors still visible in the city, but the only visit of the 135 models in operation in 1905. This model was replaced in 1960 by very different types, smaller, gas burners and simplified handling that have made substantial benefits of saving energy, labor and quality. The building and the oven are included in the inventory of Historic Monuments since 1986.

Left untouched after its last firing, the oven can be seen as a whole and all its details. It gets inside and it’s easy operation of great subtlety. Then you realize it was not a craft but an evil system according to precise laws that only quality cookers can control. It is a great model of 80 m3 capacity that can hold 10 000 plates.Its total height is 20 meters. It is equipped with 8 Alandia using coal. It is built entirely of bricks and red bricks. The furnace required several specialties which were different businesses: Gobblers, men of fire, planter, caleur, englobeurs, etc.. The newspapers were used to protect china and controls cooking is done with witnesses or watch fusible.The cooking in this oven is often in the adventure by the charged masses, 5 tons of porcelain, 35 tons of newspapers, the cooking time of about 40 hours and tonnage of 15 tons of fuel coal in of how many problems could arise as a collapse of files of newspapers, too variable atmospheres, temperatures too different from one place to another. a lack of means of control required cookers vigilance at all times.

Parking Royal Limoges

Rue du Port Naveix – Limoges


  • All year round from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • Closed Sundays and holidays except by appointment for groups of more than 20 people.
  • In summer, open from June to September every Sunday.

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