Museum of Fine – Arts in Calais

The Museum of Fine – Arts in Calais designed by architect Paul Pamart opened in 1966 and its name was a by-law in 1958. The creation of the museum , however, is much older. Founded in 1836, the premises of the Hotel de Ville, Place d’Armes, it has evolved as a structural and geographical, moving several times from one neighborhood to another city.The original natural history collections were soon followed the deposition of plaster casts of the antique, and other gifts and art collections which have given the encyclopaedic nature of many museums .

From the second half of the nineteenth century, a section of lace is created and, after much discussion and disagreement , the project of a museum of lace in 1926 led to the opening of two rooms at the School of Arts Decorative Calais Street of suitors. In 1937, a proposed consolidation of collections lace and fine arts is considered.Unfortunately in May 1940, when taking the city by the German army, the museum was burned and destroyed. More than 300 paintings disappear including the works of Poussin, Van Dyck, Lebrun ….

Since then, the collections were formed into two departments, lace and beautiful – art . The contributions of artists feed links between the two sections and provide continuity between ancient and contemporary.On one hand, then a rich collection of lace, hand and power as well as lingerie, the machines and tools and many costumes and accessories. The other local history, ancient art, sculpture of nineteenth and twentieth centuries around Rodin, of his predecessors and his heirs as well as contemporary art. Photography and sculpture, including Britain, are its strong points.With the opening of the International City of lace and fashion of Calais June 11, 2009, the Museum of Fine – Arts and lace becomes ” Museum of Fine – Arts . ” Collections lace , so important to the heritage and so varied are now presented in the old factory Boulart (quai du Commerce in Calais ) plant lace restored and enlarged by the architectural firm Moatti and Rivière. The Museum of Fine – Arts , meanwhile, continues its policy of temporary exhibitions and reorganizes its spaces of visits following the departure of the department lace

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Mairie de Calais.
Place du Soldat
Inconnu Boite Postale 329 62107.

Tel : 03 21 46 62 00 –
Fax : 03 21 46 62 09

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