Shopping and Markets in Metz

Shopping, sales and bargains

Metz has always been an opulent merchant city, characterised by a certain way of life. Art galleries, antique shops, designer boutiques, jumble sales, flea markets, neighbourhood stores and large national chains offer the most cosmopolitan and colourful variety. Please note: the sales (winter and summer) always begin at Metz a few days earlier than in the rest of France…

Each district works enthusiastically at enhancing its image, thanks to the dynamism of its trade associations: rue Taison, rue des Jardins, place de Chambre, quartier Saint Louis, quartier Impérial, quartier Outre Seille… ‐

The pedestrianised area of the hyper-centre, always very busy, brings together most of the major French and international labels (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Fnac…) and many shops offering specialist goods (including Emaux de Longwy, Nespresso, Hermès…). Renovated in 2014, the St Jacques commercial centre is a paradise of more than sixty shops, while the twenty in the underground gallery of the Station République also offer a wide range of goods. Both Metz residents and visitors clearly like their food, judging by the number of cake shops, tea rooms, restaurants and specialists in local produce, not to mention the importance of the Marché Couvert which contains many excellent stalls, and spreads out on Saturday mornings into the surrounding area.

In the Quartier de l’Amphithéâtre, behind the SNCF station, where the Centre Pompidou-Metz was built, is a market designed by Nicolas Michelin, and the Muse commercial centre, just being built.

Secondhand shops & flea markets

Flea markets, antiques, furniture, trinkets, display items and curiosities… The flea markets of Metz display a very wide range of goods, mainly from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The second-hand tradition is well established in the life of Metz, since the flea market in the historic Outre-Seille district (on the second Sunday of September) is always a great success. An event not to be missed in the month of September, the Foire internationale de Metz receives hundreds of exhibitors, in rows of widely disparate booths, to the greatest pleasure of all. Each year in August, the city centre merchants sell off their stock.
It’s the place to find bargains. The City of Metz allows its shopkeepers to set their stalls out all along the streets in the city centre.

From the end of November to the end of December, the Christmas Markets bring you all kinds of ideas, for the best possible end-of-year celebrations.

Unusual shops and typical streets

On the side of the hill, from the quays of the Moselle to the Place d’Armes lies the rue des Jardins, formerly home to textile workers. All kinds of shops are there: restaurants, bookshops, stylists, costume jewelry, bookbinders…

Still climbing, Sainte Croix hill, rue Taison, a pedestrianised street with a village atmosphere, displays one of Metz’s symbols, the Graouilly, suspended in the air. Little restaurants, bookshops, print workshops and shops with unusual decorations regularly arrange entertainments.

Place Saint Louis ‐ , with its medieval Italianate architecture, is one of the oldest commercial centres in Metz. Under the arcades today, instead of the sixty Lombard money-changers who worked there in the days of the Metz Republic, are intriguing boutiques and welcoming cafés. Pedestrianised, the square is often the theatre for different entertainment: public banquets, concerts, markets, outdoor cinema…it is also one of the sites of the Christmas Market.

The markets in Metz

A 100% organic market of Lorraine produce is held every Saturday morning from 7am onwards in the courtyard of the Marché Couvert, alongside the traditional market.

Marché Couvert   
Tuesday to Saturday 7am‐6pm (closed on public holidays)

Marché Avenue de Nancy (New town)
Wednesday and Friday 8am‐1pm

Marché Place Saint Livier (Sablon)
Wednesday 8am‐1pm

Marché Place Auguste Fosselle (Borny)
Tuesday and Friday 8am‐1pm

Marché Square du Gal Mangin (Quartier Impérial)
Tuesday 8am‐1pm

Marché central  Cour du Marché couvert, place Jean‐Paul II, rue Paul Bezanson
Tuesday 8am‐1pm and Saturday 7am‐1pm

Come and see : Local Organic Market, Cour du Marché  couvert
Saturday 7am‐1pm

Marché place Philippe de Vigneulles (New town)
Sunday 8am‐1pm

Christmas Market & Saint Nicolas

While the year-end holidays are approaching and Christmas Markets are enlivening different parts of the city, there is a tradition that the kind Saint Nicholas comes round in early December to reward good children with sweets and confectionery, while Père Fouettard (the bogeyman) sees to the naughty ones… Shops and businesses are normally open on the three Sundays before Christmas, allowing them to permeate the last days of city breaks with the scent of spices. The Big Wheel, the ice rink and other winter sports offer a panoply of fun for large and small.

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