Vulcania – Family Park

Understanding volcanoes while having fun

the park for exploring volcanoes and the planet Earth!

Located in Auvergne in the heart of the Chaîne des Puys volcanoes, Vulcania invites young and old alike on a journey to explore the fascinating world of volcanoes and the planet Earth. Play and learn at Vulcania, an immersive theme park that offers a multitude of experiences. We have 5D films, moving platforms, animatronics, interactive attractions, scientific theatre, a tethered balloon and many other surprises in store ensure a truly unforgettable experience

Place of learning as much as leisure Vulcania is a theme park that allows everyone to better understand how volcanoes and our planet. Bring science alive in the mode of feeling and emotion while remaining true to its pedagogical aim, that is the challenge of the New Vulcania. A goal that significantly changes the site in the form and spirit, with a new link between attraction and knowledge, between emotion and knowledge.

An amusement park to learn at home

Young and old can gather around attractions and workshops rewarding. The choice of a set design that is both more lively and involving up the emotion aroused in visitors in the heart of the adventure. It becomes a tremendous vehicle for knowledge sharing and to better understand the major challenges of the 21st century.

Take advantage of our great rates to explore the volcanoes to your children: 6 to 16 years, they benefit from special prices and if they are under 6 years old, entering the amusement park is free. park centered on observation and experience, Vulcania contribute fully, consistent with its educational goal, understanding natural phenomena sometimes violent that govern our planet.


2 route de Mazayes
63 230 Saint-Ours-les Roches

Téléphone : 04 73 19 70 00


Play and learn, the DNA of Vulcania!

Vulcania is both a theme park and an exploration area, taking young and old alike on a unique adventure full of discoveries and new experiences. The beautiful setting of the Chaîne des Puys volcanoes of Auvergne is an ideal setting for learning a thousand fascinating facts about the world’s volcanoes and the planet Earth.

Vulcania is a unique theme park that has been placing science within everyone’s reach for 15 years by offering visitors opportunities for different levels of understanding and learning. Whether you’re on a guided tour or visiting on your own, the mysteries of the Earth are unveiled as you visit the galleries of Vulcania dug out of 30,000-year-old lava.

The 650 m² concentration of high technology in “Machine Terre” (Earth Machine) is a fantastic way to uncover some of the Earth’s mysteries complete with a touch screen table and interactive flooring. It’s anopportunity to discover the history of our planet, volcanoes near and far, and natural phenomena.

Parents and children have fun while they learn by becoming genuine explorers in the “Coin des Expériences” (Experimentation Area). With the help of a guide, workshops, hands-on activities and simulations, visitors learn more about volcanoes, earthquakes and natural hazards. For example, visitors must help save the town of Clermont-Ferrand, which is about to be overtaken by a lava flow! Last but not least, with “Planète Dévoilée” (The Earth Revealed), take an interactive tour of the world guided by a pilot on a very high definition screen that measures 12 m wide. And because it’s the visitors who choose the volcanoes they want to see, no two explorations are the same!

Take a perilous plunge 2500 m down into the deep with “Abyss Explorer. This attraction offers a unique opportunity to observe amazing volcanic phenomena and little known animal species that live and survive in the gloomy, icy depths of our oceans thanks to underwater volcanoes.

And to better apprehend the power of the forces of nature, Tornado Alley shows the expedition of the scientific team Vortex 2 as they chase the most violent tornadoes on Earth in the United States. Feel your heart racing as you experience this adventure in high definition on a 415 m² screen in the “Ecran Géant”
screening room, equipped with all digital Dolby Atmos for a better sound immersion.

From legend to science

looking at science and volcanoes in different dimensions

Before science provided more rational answers, mythological dragons were thought to rule the Earth, causing it to unleash its fury and resulting in tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other manifestations of the power of the elements. The moving 4D animation ”Dragon Ride” plunges into the depths of a crater at Vulcania where visitors meet the mythical creatures face to face!

Although science has shed light on these phenomena, volcanoes remain at the heart of many legends – stories that explain the unexplainable by tethering them to everyday reality. From continent to continent, 6 volcanic legends inspire “Volcans Sacrés” (Sacred Volcanoes), a multisensory immersive experience with special effects, video projections and animatronics

Vulcania helps us to understand extreme phenomena and the dangers and benefits that volcanoes represent in the world. For example, through “Tunnel des Nuées Ardentes” (The Tunnel of Pyroclastic Surges), we can witness a typical explosive behaviour of volcanoes: the pyroclastic surge of a grey volcano such as Vesuvius or Mount St Helens. The “Serre” (Greenhouse) is a volcanic garden with tree ferns, which symbolise the vegetation that grew back on land ravaged by angry volcanoes. These gorgeous giant ferns from New Zealand have been planted directly into the volcanic rock of Auvergne. Already present on the Earth in the time of the dinosaurs, these ferns are a sight to see in and of themselves.

The Vulcania exhibition “Bouleversements” shows the impact of certain volcanic events at different periods in time on life, civilisation, humankind and the planet. These rare but extreme phenomena are the source of significant upheavals! One of these episodes demonstrates how volcanoes were probably responsible for dinosaurs going extinct.

Around 65 million years ago, the human species did not yet exist and our very distant mammal cousins did not dominate the Earth. Le Monde de Teino (Teino’s World), a new 3D animation film showing on the 415 m² giant screen, presents a complete panorama of the world of dinosaurs just before they went extinct. During the Cretaceous Period, Teino, one of the world’s smallest mammals, must face all types of dangers in an effort to survive amongst the creatures that rule the Earth. The dinosaurs come alive again at Vulcania for the third and final season with “Sur les Traces des Dinosaures*” (Tracking the Footsteps of Dinosaurs), which runs through the woods around Vulcania in the heart of the majestic Chaîne des Puys landscape. This year’s course features a new group of animatronics.

In the heart of the Chaîne des Puys volcanoes

Vulcania, in Auvergne!

The Chaîne des Puys consists of 80 volcanoes aligned from north to south. The youngest volcanic chain in France (between 5,000 and 100,000 years old), the Chaîne des Puys is remarkable for their pure volcanic shape: cones, domes and maars. Vulcania is surrounded by certain emblematic volcanoes in the Chaîne des
Puys chain, offering visitors an exceptional panorama.

Located on an area of 57 hectares in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne (Auvergne Regional Natural Volcano Park), It was only natural that Vulcania become involved in nomination process of the “Chaîne des Puys / Faille de Limagne” (Puys Volcanoes/Limagne Fault) area as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aboard action-packed nacelles in “Premier Envol” (First Flight), visitors can experience a royal eagle’s maiden flight on a 180° screen! The Auvergne region is unveiled through the piercing eyes of the young bird of prey, revealing its wild and unspoilt nature, the beauty of its landscapes shaped by water and volcanoes, and the richness of its land and biodiversity, just like the eagles that have returned to Auvergne

The “VolcanBul” is an unmanned, totally silent, GPS-guided electric vehicle that takes visitors on a discovery tour of the relatively young volcanic environment illustrating Auvergne’s recent geological history. This ten-minute outdoor tour takes visitors through Vulcania’s surrounding landscape with a guide.

“Réveil des Géants d’Auvergne” (The Giants of Auvergne Awaken), voted the visitors’ favourite attraction, provides a 4D answer to the question the most frequently asked: what would happen if the volcanoes of Auvergne woke up?

Escape to nature in its purest form

Vulcania, a unique natural setting…

What could be better, after learning all about volcanoes and earth science, than flying over the Chaîne des Puys and discovering this unique panorama of dormant volcanoes?

Vulcania offers visitors a view from above aboard its one-of-a-kind “Ballon des Puys” (Puys Balloon), a helium-filled tethered balloon with a diameter of 22 m. A pilot guide provides commentary on the surrounding landscape shaped by volcanic activity during a ten-minute ride nearly 100 m high. The only one of its kind in Auvergne!*
* Attraction not included in the park entry ticket.

Begin exploring from 3 years of age

play and learn at Vulcania!

Vulcania is a family theme park where you can play and learn from 3 years of age! The park has attractions and areas specially designed for children, who can have fun while they learn about volcanoes and science.

First, they can explore the “Cité des Enfants” (Children’s Museum), a Universcience area designed in partnership with the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie that is specially dedicated to children ages 3 to 7. The children touch and play with gears, water mills and valves in 4 play areas dedicated to motion, the senses, light and water. These areas help to improve sensory skills and the capacity for precise movement. The children also learn about cause and effect, and guided by their parents, learn to predict what will happen next.

Our young and daring explorers then take part in “Poster Jeu Pitoufeu” (Pitoufeu Poster Game), an interactive obstacle course full of enigmas to learn about all the secrets of volcanoes in the company of Pitoufeu.

Pitoufeu eis a small volcanic character born in the volcanoes of Auvergne! One fine day on a volcanic plain, the earth began to shake again. The people of Auvergne, who feared the eruption of a new volcano, were surprised to see a small creature spring from the depths of the Earth. This highly expressive, cone-shaped character began to jump, play, explore, smoke and sputter. Then he settled down in the place he considered his rightful home: Vulcania.

The ”Maison de Pitoufeu” (Pitoufeu Play Area) is dedicated to kids ages 3 to 12. Kids learn about the park mascot’s magmatic origins and acquire basic notions of volcanism through games, the sense of touch and observation. Because Pitoufeu is fearless but also loves fun and pranks, he has set up his garden with a toboggan and a hanging bridge, to the delight of kids who love to play and have a good time!

The “Galerie Pitoufeu” (Pitoufeu Play Area) is also inspired by Pitoufeu. This play area is dedicated to children ages 3-7 to have fun and develop motor skills in an area that is 100% safe. Then they can discover “Vulcania en Miniature” (Vulcania in Miniature). To the delight of young and old alike, Playmobil has reinvented Vulcania with models specially designed for the park!

Children can enjoy a moment of leisure in Vulcania’s “Aires de Jeux” (Children’s Play Areas). In these outdoor areas, children can climb, walk through a suspended tunnel or try their hand at zip lining, under their parents’ supervision.

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