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Outdoor Sports in Denmark

Denmark is a small country made up of over 500 islands.It is connected to mainland Europe by it’s border to Germany.It has miles of inland waterways,which make for some excellent water sporting activities.With it’s position and shape Denmark has over 7000km of coastline.Beautiful,clean beaches offer swimming opportunities,although most people prefer to swim in the warmth of the summer monthe there are a number of Danes who like nothing better than to break through the ice in winter time and dive in! although they do go and warm up in the Sauna afterwards. Denmark offers some of the best fishing in Europe with the coast,it’s rivers and lakes,there are plenty of places to choose from. Please note that you will need to obtain a fishing licence from the local tourist office which is valid for one year. A seperate river fishing licence is also needed, this can be purchased by the day. Fishing for Fresh water trout and rainbow trout is best in May and June the quality will drop in the summer and then pick up again in August and September. Sea trout and salmon enter the big rivers from the beginning of June. In summer, fishing for trout or sea trout is often an evening, night or morning activity. Fishing for Perch or pike in the lakes goes on most of the year, but the main seasons are spring and autumn. However eels love the warm summer water.

Wherever you are in Denmark you will never be more than 50 km away from the nearest coast. Other water based sports are canoeing and kayaking, these are now very popular along Denmark’s rivers, fjiords and creeks. The east coast of Jutland, the southern part of the west of Jutland around the islands of Rømø and Fanø, the Limfjorden inlet, the South Funen Archipelago, the Smålandshavet archipelago south of Zealand, Roskilde Fjord and Øresund are among the best localities for kayaking.There are courses available for beginers,you can contact the Danish Sea Kayaking Association, (http://www.nicusnature.com/) for further details on courses, equipment hire and training,also the local tourist board can offer further advice.

Windsurfing,speedsurfing and kitesurfing is brilliant in Denmark as it is one of the windiest countries in Europe. The local tourist offices can offer information on local hire and instruction. The variety of places to windsurf gives a chance for beginners and experts alike to safely enjoy the sport according to their ability.

Denmark is a cycle friendly nation and has an extensive network of cycle routes throughout the country. The cycle paths running alongside main roads are, in general,a generous width, making it safer to cycle along the traffic. Some old railway lines have been transformed into cycle paths, such as the route 29 between Havbro-Aars-Nibe, which takes you through some beautiful countryside. The details of the 15 main National Cycle Routes can be found at www.trafikken.dk. These are just a few of the outdoor sporting activities to enjoy in Denmark, there are of course many others such as hiking or horse riding. Denmark has a lot to offer,it just remains for you to come and see for yourself and enjoy!

Families wanting amusements for the whole family to join in will find a good choice of venues on offer.


Eurovelo Information Guide

EuroVelo incorporates existing and planned national and regional cycle routes into a single European network. It currently consists of well over 45,000 km of bike paths


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