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Aalborg Information Guide

Aalborg is the city where dreams come true. For several years, Denmark has held the title of being the happiest country in the world, and as if that is not enough, the people of Aalborg is the people that are most satisfied with the town they live in, out of 83 other European cities. The people of Aalborg are proud and happy with the development of the city – a small miracle is happening in Northern Jutland. The fertile soil is present, and no matter what your dream is, let Aalborg be your starting point, reference point and focal point.

5 unique experiences

AALBORG is experiencing rapid development – from industrial town to exciting culture city. Here you’ll find all facets of city life in a manageable size.

UTZON CENTRE: designed by the world-famous architect Jørn Utzon

LINDHOLM HØJE: the biggest Vikings burial ground and museum of the North – with a beautiful view of the city and the Limfjord

AALBORG DEFENCE­ AND GARRISON MUSEUM: experiences for the entire family

AALBORG ZOO: a wealth of exciting, rare and exotic animals

SPRINGEREN: experience a submarine at the maritime experience centre

5 tips for shopping

AALBORG holds a great amount of specialty stores side by side with the big stores. Here you’ll find large pedestrian streets – Bispensgade and Algade – and small, cosy side streets.

FRIIS: Aalborg’s newest shopping centre with 50 different stores

AALBORG STORCENTER: 75 specialty stores and the greatest Bilka store in Denmark

SALLING: department store with fashion, interior, life style and groceries

FRU RONNE: freshly ground coffee, lovely smelling kinds of tea and all kinds of delicacies

LENE HØJLUND GLAS: glassworks and store from which you can follow the creation of beautiful vases, candle holders and dishes

5 flavourful experiences

Aalborg offers you a palette of grand culinary experiences. From draught beer, loved by the people, to gastronomical jewels. Here we’ve collected 5 places that are all worth a visit – and you’ll find something for everybody’s taste!

SØGAARDS BRYGHUS: interesting combination of micro brewery, restaurant, pub and café

FUSION: fusions the Nordic and Asian kitchen into unique combinations

MORTENS KRO: trendy gourmet restaurant that serves delicious dishes with local ingredients

BEHAG DIN SMAG: coffee bar, tearoom and chocolate house which gives quality and craft pride of place

AALBORG BEERWALK: visit up to 6 of Aalborg’s coziest pubs and get a taste of 6 special beers.

5 adventurous events

Aalborg is a delightful city, which ooze activity day and night, summer and winter. Each year, many new events emerge, just like many events traditionally returns year after year.

AALBORG OPERA FESTIVAL: fantastic concerts and events spread over two weeks

THE BLUE FESTIVAL: a jazz and blues festival, which takes place every year in August

CARNIVAL: the greatest carnival of Northern Europe with 25,000 happy, partying and dressed up participants in the carnival parade

AALBORG IN RED: a culture, sport and fashion festival, which offers you hundreds of different experiences around the city

THE CHRISTMAS MARKET: a guarantee for Christmas spirit with cosy, little stands, lights, Christmas trees, ferris wheel and Danish Christmas goodies

5 tips for children

AALBORG is an obvious base for family fun. Here, you can let yourself be entertained, challenged while you learn and, naturally, have lots fun.

SPRINGEREN: steer a ship through Aalborg harbour and pretend to be a captain in the impressive submarine, Springeren

KUNSTEN: explore the grand collection with an art suitcase for children

AALBORGTÅRNET: enjoy an amazing panorama view 105 metres above sea level

AALBORG ZOO: get close to lots of the interesting animals in the city jungle

LEO’S LEGELAND:­ huge, indoor, play-paradise with a labyrinth, slides, trampolines and much more

5 North Jutland temptations

Northern Jutland is a popular holiday destination, and in the centre of the multiple North Jutland experiences and attractions, you’ll find Aalborg. For that reason, you will never have to drive far to reach a number of different attractions which appeal to the entire family.

AALBORG COAST (30 km.): here you’ll find some the Denmark’s best and most child-friendly beaches

LILLE VILDMOSE (25 km.): amazing animal and nature experiences await in Lille Vildmose

ROLD FORREST (25 km.): Denmark’s biggest forrest – here you’ll also find the famous Rebild Bakker (hills)

FÅRUP SOMMERLAND (35 km.): five-star amusement park for the entire family

SKAGEN (100 km.): experience the very special light in Skagen and watch as the two oceans meet at Grenen

5 extra good tips

AALBORG is filled with exciting excursion spots – from staggering amusements to peaceful parks. Here, we have collected five ideas for a different day in the city.

NORDKRAFT: fantastic culture house with a music venue, a theatre, an art cinema and the highest climbing wall in Denmark

QUICK TRIP TO EGHOLM: pack a picnic basket and go on a little ferry trip to the peaceful Limfjord island, Egholm

JENS BANG’S STONE HOUSE: the house from 1624 hold many exciting stories

FRANCISCAN FRIARY MUSEUM: beneath the busy pedestrian street you’ll find the atmospherically, underground Franciscan Friary Museum

DE SYNGENDE TRÆER: unique artists park with ‘singing trees’ planted by world-famous artists

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