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Rafting in Croatia

Rafting along the rivers in the interior of Croatia will take you through lush forests and mountains ,giving breathtaking views.Four of the top rafting rivers in Croatia are, Kupa river ( The Kupa (Croatian) or Kolpa (Slovene) river forms a natural border between north-west Croatia and southeast Slovenia.The Kupa originates in Croatia in the mountainous region of Gorski kotar, northeast of Rijeka, in the area of Risnjak National Park. It flows a few kilometers eastwards, receives the small river ?abranka from the left, before reaching the Slovenian border.It then continues eastwards, receives influx from the river Lahinja from the left in Primostek, passes Vrbovsko, and eventually detaches from the Slovenian border in Metlika. It then reaches the city ofKarlovac, where it receives influx from two other rivers from the right, Dobra and Korana (which in turn is joined by Mrežnica). It continues flowing to the east, where it merges with Glina from the right as well as Odra from the left, and proceeds to the city of Sisak where it flows into the Sava.) in the Risnjak National Park. Dobra river.

(The Dobra is a river located mostly in the Karlovac County in the Republic of Croatia. It is 104 kilometres (65 mi) long and its basin covers an area of 900 square kilometres (350 sq mi). Dobra rises in Gorski Kotar near Skrad and Ravna Gora, where it flows first to the north and then turns to the east. It flows past Vrbovsko, to the southeast into the city of Ogulin, where it becomes an underground stream. It takes a sharp northward turn and rises back to the surface north of Ogulin. It continues to the northeast, past the Leš?e spa and a hydroelectric plant , running in parallel to the Kupa and Mrežnica, and finally flows into the Kupa north of Karlovac.) . Mreznica river (The Mrežnica is a river in Karlovac County, Croatia. It is 63 kilometres (39 mi) long and its basin covers an area of 64 square kilometres (25 sq mi). Mrežnica is considered special due to its large number of waterfalls, totalling 93. It rises in Kordun west of Slunj and flows northwards, in parallel to Dobra and Korana, through Generalski Stol and Duga Resa, when it finally flows into the Korana in the south of Karlovac (at Mostanje/Turanj).) famous for it’s waterfalls and the Korana river.

The Korana is a river in central Croatia and west Bosnia and Herzegovina. The river has a total length of 134 km (83 mi) and watershed area of 2,595 km2 (1,002 sq mi).It rises in the eastern parts of Lika, creates the world-famous Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Downstream from Plitvice Lakes the Korana river forms a 25 kilometers long border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina near Cazin. From there it flows northwards through Croatia, where it finally reaches the river Kupa at Karlovac. The soil of the karst region, through which this river flows consists of limestone. Under certain physical and chemical conditions the river is constantly creating new soil from plants (see: Plitvice Lakes). The river Slunj?ica flows into Korana at Rastoke/Slunj, and the river Mrežnica flows into it at Karlovac.

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