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Rijeka Travel Guide

The city of Rijeka and the eight tourist destinations that make up the Rijeka Ring have it all. Here you can enjoy a great selection of theatre shows, exhibitions, concerts … but also take a stroll, go hiking, ride a bicycle, ride horses, sail, dive and enjoy the beauty of untouched nature or admire the persistence of man in building dry walls. Rijeka lives to the rhythm of the night clubs, but also radiates the sanctity of a shrine. You can arrive in Rijeka by boat, plane, road or rail, it is a stop for large cruise ships and little fishing boats sail out from the beautiful small towns of its Ring. Here, taking a break from dynamic everyday life, you can be what you are, but disguised under a carnival mask, you can also allow yourself to be what you want to be without holding back – at least for a moment. The traditional and the modern, city life and old town romance, cutting edge technology and the ancient watermill – so many faces of Rijeka and its surrounding area, so many reasons to come and dive into the worlds of art, imagination, religion, tradition, old towns and different worlds. Indeed, life is beautiful!

Some cities have the sea. And this is why we love them. Others have a long list of cultural events. This is why we go there. Some are famous sanctuaries where we look for tranquillity and help, and feel gratitude. Others are places of dynamic events. Some destinations have beautiful beaches. In other places you can ski, go for walks or visit romantic medieval castles. When you are in Rijeka and its beautiful Ring, formed of Kastav, Klana, Viškovo, Jelenje, ?avle, Kraljevica, Bakar and Kostrena, you can do all of these. And much, much more..


Every generation will find entertainment to their liking and all of them will find cultural content that is an integral part of Croatian and world cultural heritage. In the historical image of the city, from prehistory and the Gothic, then the Baroque Rijeka and the strong influences of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, centuries have been deposited and each and every one of them has left its mark in its architecture, creating an interesting city nucleus rich in historical monuments. When in Rijeka, in the intertwining of the old and new, the contemporary and historical, you should not pass up St. Jerome’s Church and the place of today’s Dominican Monastery, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Capuchin Monastery, the Governor’s Palace that now houses the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka. The St. Vitus’ Cathedral, the patron saint of the city, is the only Baroque rotunda of monumental dimensions built on Croatian land. However, there is another reason why you should visit it – the portrait of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of tourists, which is also there. He is your patron saint.Rijeka is the location of the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat – the oldest Marian shrine in the country and the largest pilgrimage in western Croatia, including the Holy Father John Paul II. in 2003. In his honour, a monument has been erected there.

Still, this is a city of rich industrial heritage. Maybe you did not know that the first torpedo in the world was invented here. Rijeka is also the location of the Astronomical Centre Rijeka opened in 2009 – the first astronomical centre incorporating an observatory and a planetarium, and the only one in Croatia and the wider region that uses digital technology.Traveling through the centres of the Rijeka Ring, you will discover many valuable monuments and open the doors of treasuries that testify to a rich cultural tradition. Each of them has an inexhaustible tradition of cultural monuments, customs and regional museums, and in all of them you will discover a brand new world whose exploration is a task with many pleasures and with no end. You will be familiarized with old crafts, learn about musical tradition, revive the past and have a peek into life as it used to be. And then, stronger than ever, you will return to the present..

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