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Sanctuary Wood Museum Hill 62


The Sanctuary Wood Museum Hill 62, 3 km (1.9 mi) east of Ypres, Belgium is located in the neighborhood of the Canadian Hill 62 Memorial and the Sanctuary Wood Cemetery. The museum is privately owned by Jacques Schier, the grandson of the farmer who founded the museum and owned the site of the museum since before World War I, and it has a unique collection of World War I items, including a rare collection of 3-dimensional photographs, weapons, uniforms, and bombs.

A preserved section of the British trench lines are located behind the museum, and the attraction also has a small bar, café and gift shop. The trenches feature a muddy maze of trenches.

Tunnel and Trenches Cleared

In the early 1980s some ground collapsed and revealed the previously undiscovered 4 foot high ‘L’ shaped tunnel built by British Army engineers. Since its discovery the tunnel has been cleared and lighting installed making it possible for people with suitable footwear to walk through.

Location of Sanctuary Wood (Hill 62) Museum

Leave Ypres / Ieper from the eastern exit (through the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing). At the traffic lights turn right onto the N8 Ieper-Menen road (The Menin Road). In approximately 2 kilometres you will come to a roundabout. This is the location of the crossroads known famously as “Hellfire Corner” to the British Army. Go straight over the roundabout, taking the N8 Meenseweg-Meensestraat in the direction of Menen. Drive for approximately one kilometre and on the right you will see a signpost directing you to the right into the road named Canadalaan for the Sanctuary Wood Museum (Hill 62).

Opening Hours

It is advised that the opening hours and admission prices should be taken as a guide for 2011/12.

April – September (summer opening hours): Open daily from 09.30 hours to 19.00 hours.

October – March (winter opening hours): Open daily from 10.00 hours to 18.00 hours (or 17.00 hours on the mid winter days with the shortest hours of daylight)

Preserved trenches at the Sanctuary Wood Hill 62 museum.
Preserved trenches at the Sanctuary Wood museum in the Ypres Salient, Belgium
Visitors are recommended to allow at least one hour before closing time when starting a visit to the wood and the museum.

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